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  1. Same player who gave the ball away for the first goal gave him so much space How did Dunk miss that?
  2. He and Havertz will cause a lot of problems. They still have Pulisic and Zayech to come back in there too. That being said Brighton looked the better team in the first half. Silly mistake cost them
  3. They probably have the best squad in the league. They could be pretty strong going forward, still not sure about them defensively though. Let's hope Lallana can get one over on them tonight.
  4. Signing relegated Bournemouth's goalie might not have been a good idea.
  5. Nice goal from Jimenez for Wolves. 1-0 up after 3 minutes. He'd have been a good signing for us.
  6. How the feck does he get into any team let alone England. He is utter shi-the
  7. Very concerning how teams can seem to convert most chances they get against us. With the likes of Arsenal and Chelsea coming up we better get it sorted.
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