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  1. I have an unhealthy dislike of Christie. He's an absolute c**k, of the highest order. Had a few occasions where our paths have crossed, and can't think of one occasion where I thought he was anything less than a c**k. From trying to pinch a mate's taxi with the immortal "do you know who I am?" line (to which my mate replied, "Yes... and if you were that rich and famous you wouldn't be with such a f***ing minger on your arm"), to blanking a mate who was being introduced to him by a lad who also played for Derby (and was twice the player Christie was), he's a grade A bellend. I did chuckl
  2. I'd agree with that... Skrtel's been our player of the year by an absolute mile... as Lucas was last year when Gerrard won it.
  3. I agree... good shout!! *EDIT - Damn iPhone auto-correct. What I meant to put was "WTF??? Are you for real?? Please turn off your PC, unplug it all, take it back to PC World, and never post such a suggestion ever again!"
  4. Nah... we only need the one as Insua's OK as back up.
  5. Graham Smith from SOS posted this elsewhere: Followed by: Worth a watch!
  6. And sure enough a video of the whole thing is available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBYyKegNWBk
  7. All scumbags lad... every one of them! In fact, I take that back. MOST of them are scumbags, but EVERY one of them is ginger!! Never seen one person surrounded by as many gingers as you lad... you must smell of suncream of something!
  8. That was a belter in The Solly after. I think you should change you sig mate!! Though I'm still a bit disturbed about the "Masch Dance"!! I'm clicking on every YouTube link I see with trepidation... boss day/night though!!
  9. I think in many ways he was a shrewd singing at the time - cheap, versatile, and experienced. My biggest issue is that it was at the expense of Stephen Wright who I really rated, and whilst he's seemingly not reached the standards I expected him to, I still wonder if things would have been different without injury and how things would have panned out if he stayed at Liverpool.
  10. I notice one sexy b*****d in there... dunno about the thumbs up bit though!
  11. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/ Poll Started 14 Dec 2009: Which company would you close? If you were given a magic wand to make one of the following 50 companies simply not exist – for the betterment of the UK - which would you pick (in other words, ignore the job loss impact)? The selection includes big name media companies, banks, airlines, retailers and utility companies. Which company would you make disappear? 01. Abbey 02. Alliance & Leicester 03. Asda 04. Barclays 05. BBC 06. BHS 07. BP 08. British Airways 09. British Gas 10. British Telecom 11. BSkyB 12. Carphone Warehouse
  12. I said something similar yesterday when handing out flyers. There were a few people who at first were resistant to taking one, but I just politely asked them to take 2 minutes to read through it, take in the information about the current situation with the owners, and if they want more information go on the website. I'd say 80%+ of the maybes/no's then took a flyer, and seemed willing to give it a read as a minimum, which is all you can ask for. It certainly felt like the tide is turning, and more people are starting to at least realise the owners are a problem, even if they've perhaps n
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