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I'm not going to witness a miracle........


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People say that the more times you say that you're going to win, the more you tend to convince yourself that you will; are these our "mind games"? It always amuses me to go to Chelsea as they really arer so dumb, just don't get us and I doubt whether they ever will. When we turned to applaud them after they went 3-1 up in the CL semi last year, they just continued to abuse us and didn't realise the respectful poignancy of the moment. So we've expressed our belief that we will overcome this deficit and that's all the pundits seem to talk about now because they just aren't prepared to put their necks on the line and bet against us any more.


So tomorrow I will be there but not expecting to witness a miracle (although I wouldn't complain), I'll be there to show support for the team's fight to overcome these odds and continue to push the Mancs right up to the bitter end of the season.


Personally I love the fact that these occasions are unique to Liverpool FC and will always demonstrate why we are unique.

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