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  1. oakie bob


    I remember when I was working up in Sunderland as we just taken over Joplings dept store, Sunderland got relegated and sacked a lot of the staff, we took some of the warehouse guys on, speaking to them, the players wanted to pay the wages so no one was sacked, the PFA would not allow it, saying it wasn't the players problem, the players had a massive row with Gordon Taylor over it but were not allowed to put there hand in their pockets
  2. remember driving all the way back from a wedding in Bournemouth to go to this game
  3. oakie bob


    and we will rightly get criticism for this
  4. oakie bob


    I can only think all 20 clubs have agreed to do this and Liverpool had to go 1st after yesterdays meeting..........or we really have no money......I am sure this sits uneasy with Klopp. I spent this afternoon listening to an interview with Shanks on BBC sound who was saying football is the peoples game..........maybe we need to take it back
  5. found this, quite a few of our games from the 70's on there
  6. oakie bob


    Might blow the dust of Dishonoured, like the way the game plays out if you kill everything that moves, or do it without killing anyone
  7. oakie bob


    works fine on Mac OS, as I say I run it on High Sierra
  8. This has to be mine, aged 16, under the light against the mancs, place bouncing as Jan Slams it in
  9. oakie bob


    who knows if footballers have taken a pay cut, they may have asked for no publicity
  10. oakie bob


    I followed these instructions https://macretro.co.uk/2017/09/05/installing-championship-manager-0102-on-mac-linux/ I have it running on High Sierra as I still boot one of my external hard drives into this OS, just for that and streaming games
  11. oakie bob


    just blew the dust off my PS4, playing 1886 The order, forgot how good it was. Fifa 20 has been reduced to £23 in the PS store, now haven't played FIFA since 97 or 98. reckon i will be crap at now
  12. I remember as it fell to him, thinking don't hit it...........seconds later I was bouncing around 205
  13. oakie bob


    apparently to work out who goes into the champions league group stage, 3rd rnd playoff stage and advance to a Europa League playoff with another team in the league Link to there playoff system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_Belgian_First_Division_A#Play-offs_I
  14. oakie bob


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52138270 Brugge declared champions of Belgium as they have decided to end the season, they did only have 1 game to go and they where 15 points clear, but it seems they have playoffs to decide the top positions.
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