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  1. we have just moved from Sage 50 to xero cloud accounting, also using docuware to scan invoices in and pass them through to xero. Out EPOS system also happily talks to it as well. The FD loves it, which is great as he leaves me alone and i can just get on with normal IT crap
  2. https://reddit.soccerstreams.net/event/everton-liverpool-live-stream/528006 Eden sports is the one i am watching currently, been sound
  3. i hope not as my name is Christopher, you can thank Kahnee for the bob !!!
  4. its not mad s***, some days we need to just rant. It was funny, i got a new tattoo a few weeks back, 96 with the flames on the back of my neck. People in work down here in Kent, had no idea what it meant, it has been an education and good for me to explain to them what happened and how even now, i still have nightmares but i am a lucky one, it just keeps people informed
  5. so, f***ing 7-2..............nope still can't take it in, that is the worst performance i have ever seen from Liverpool, i remember us getting tanked 5-1 there in 76, but no tv coverage back in those days need to either go and get another keeper, Adrian has had his chances, he got away with a few last season before it went t*** up in the Madrid game, Virg needs to get back to basics, yes you won the league lad, doesn't make you the best player in the world, Gomez needs to go away for a bit......so 2 centre backs needed to push Virg, Keita, enough is enough.....Bobby is a shadow of himself
  6. there has to be a better 2nd choice keeper out there
  7. Looks like cineworld is closing now the Bond film has been pushed back, shame. I have the unlimited card and was great to go watch movies you might not have bothered with
  8. https://reddit.soccerstreams.net/event/liverpool-arsenal-live-stream/534356
  9. just been over there, deary me.........a few defeats and its throw the dummy out the pram.......do they not remember being in the 3rd div not that long ago
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