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  1. I wonder would anyone swap Jota and Thiago for Werner and Havertz? It’s a tough one! I love Thiago so much already that I don’t think I would.
  2. It’s not. It’s cash flow. Cash is the first thing to tighten when there’s economic uncertainty, so being able to spread actual payments over 4 years for both players will make investors much happier.
  3. Bellamy is a great shout. Rapid with the ball, great timing of runs, hardworking and a bit of a moaning c*** as well.
  4. Torres was a pretty huge deal when we signed him. That felt like a “eating at the top table” signing. I think he’s really the only one in recent times.
  5. Agree but at the same time even a Royal Birkdale Gareth Bale undoubtedly improves them.
  6. I’m not happy about all this scrounging from FSG and medium to long term, particularly post-Klopp, thousands of hens will come home to roost. However, what cheers me up is - even if we don’t sign anyone else, would you swap any other squad and manager in Europe with ours? I wouldn’t. And not in a “I love these Boiz” way we used to when we had Aurelio and that, this is because these lads + Klopp are actually the best in the world. Even some of the subs, Origi, Shaqiri - they’ve contributed to our happiness in significant ways over the last few years, enough for us as fans to give them a go
  7. BNB tarnishing his impeccable record there. Sad to see. Gini out and Thiago in makes sense. Freshens the squad up, and Thiago is bloody brilliant. My issue with Gini is that he can be fantastic on his day, particularly in big games, but more often than you’d like the game just seems to completely pass him by. I imagine there’s all kinds of tactical holes he’s plugging even when he’s not on the ball too much, but it is a source of frustration. Thiago on the other hand always seems to make an impression on every game, but has been criticised (until recently) for not fully showing up in
  8. I lurk occasionally still. I like to think I’m some kind of Liam Neeson character tracking down ageing-but-somehow-still-at-it ITKs and neutralising them, but really I just love Swipe’s thinly veiled transfer excitement.
  9. We’re still a forward short if we shift Origi and Shaqiri and buy Sarr. We’ll probably keep Origi.
  10. OK? No accusation. Just a suggestion that a lot of sources for the VVD info seem to have got it wrong. Time yet I suppose.
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