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Surely not Pako?


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Man Utd's Ferguson to stun Liverpool with Pako move

tribalfootball.com - July 08, 2008


Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson could stun bitter rivals Liverpool by making Pako Ayesteran his new assistant manager.


The Telegraph says the former Liverpool coach, now working at Benfica, is in line to succeed Carlos Queiroz once his deal to become Portugal's new coach is closed.


Ferguson is keen to recruit an assistant manager with an established network of continental contacts.



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Read that rumor on a forum earlier today. Maybe this one? I think it came from someone who knew someone who lived next to Pique or something baggage-handler'ish like that.

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Had lunch in the Golden Bridge with missus and our little girl earlier. Had a lovely hour in there then who sat down to eat not 8 feet from me and facing me? Howard f***ing Kendall, with his prawn cocktail and a bottle of mateus. Thought nothing could make me feel worse today, now this ?



Pako would get probably the worst reception anyone has ever received at Anfield.

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As soon as I heard that Queiroz was leaving I thought 'I bet that prick goes after Pako'.


Hope not but don't see it making too much difference in all honesty.


A quality number 2 makes a hell of a difference

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I think it would be quite brave of the scum to employ Pako seeing as he was Rafa's best mate. It's not like friendships can't be mended.


I think it would be taken as a final betrayal by Rafa.

But then again I am only guessing like the rest if us do on here ;)

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