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  1. Maybe the goalkeepers have their own rehab area which is isolated from the rest of the team
  2. Stevie

    Welcome VvD

    His knees are looking bloody lovely to me.
  3. Maybe they can give him Covid while he’s injured to appease the rumour makers. They just look stupid otherwise.
  4. He has been acting more of a sweeper of late, sprinting out to make clearances due to our lack of pace at the back. Hopefully he’s just feeling more achey than usual because of that.
  5. He came back from International duty and felt a bit of discomfort. We gave him a scan and it turns out he has a slight muscle tear.
  6. Can’t they just send one of the academy kids out for a tube of Voltorol?
  7. Some people just have weaker connective tissues. It’s genetics not a mental issue. When you have had repeated injuries particularly in the same area, the tissues are not as elasticated so it does start taking longer to get over the injury. If the player is feeling pain on the back of a tear, its not a case of playing through the pain.
  8. I know we’re desperate, but there may be a reason why Tsimikas has never played at right back.
  9. I know what you mean. If he stayed still a fraction longer he’d make the penalty taker make a decision as to where they hit the ball. As it is, he’s making their minds up for them. He is still the best keeper in the world though.
  10. Does Minamino still not know what ‘man on’ means yet?
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