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  1. I can almost see it now; we have a s*** season compared to our main rivals who all invested heavily improving their squads this summer. Come next summer our earnings will be down as we haven’t won anything so either can’t afford new players or players will want more money to join us as they’ll say they’re more likely to win stuff with other clubs, or we end up losing 1 or 2 of our main players and have to start rebuilding again. Either way, there will be a reason not to spend money again.
  2. Great. Now I’ve got Miss Alissa going around my head.
  3. Yep, Groundhog Day. Again. We’d be utterly screwed without Klopp and the fact that our main players have staying largely fit for 2 seasons. Fjortoft may as well have said Liverpool can’t invest anything before they know what kind of money they’ll get for the likes of Mo.
  4. Whilst us standing still on transfers for the 2nd year on the bounce may help the bank balance, I’m pretty certain our rivals will all spend pretty large improving their squads. Whilst our first team is obviously a match for anyone, it seems somewhat risky hoping we can get away without any of our key players sustaining injuries again when cover is somewhat lacking in quality.
  5. Do 3rd and 4th need to play CL qualifying games or are they straight in?
  6. It’s disappointing we just gave them the ball straight back for the free kick.
  7. Sounds like we’d be right up s*** creek then if we hadn’t won the league.
  8. My weekday booze embargo has definite gone south tonight. It’s absolutely f***ing epic that we’ve finally won this.
  9. Who’s the dark haired bloke with the shades who keeps appearing for the photos?!
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