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  1. It’s because he always scores against us! He’s a good player to be fair. He’s big, strong, has a bit of skill and knows where the net is. He probably would have a better reputation if his previous managers hadn’t kept playing him at full back.
  2. I remember him missing quite a few games when he was at Schalke. He does seem to have gone to another level now though.
  3. Yeah, he’d be a good defensive utility player. Free next summer. He’s younger than I thought he was at 28.
  4. Mo hobbling off down the tunnel there. Hopefully just a superficial niggle after getting his Achilles stumped on for the pen.
  5. Even the players aren’t even looking too happy after the pen and final whistle. s***e performance all round really. Hopefully Fabinho isn’t out for too long.
  6. The first time we’ve been cute up front with sharp, quick passes and we score. Weird.
  7. It’s a bit sad with Origi. He looks like he’s he’s still in a Rodgers team but everyone else has moved on from that.
  8. He reminds me of Gordon in Dodgeball with the horrible wife. I’m sure if you wind him up he’ll be unbeatable, but I’m not even sure Minamino has a wife.
  9. Yep, which is weird as you’d think the players who have been given a start tonight would at least be working hard. They don’t look arsed and aren’t even closing them down, so you can’t even say it’s because they don’t know the system.
  10. The physio will stretch the leg to understand what the problem is. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious with Fab.
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