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  1. Stevie


    Anyone would think she’d come out with that as the club she works for are in a relegation battle!
  2. Stevie


    He’s been saying we’re going to win the league since about November!
  3. Stevie


    It will be interesting to see what happens if the season overruns as some clubs have already agreed to host gigs etc. at their stadiums.
  4. Stevie


    I’m not sure what use voiding an entire season is going to achieve. This virus isn’t going to go away any time soon, and may likely be around for years to come like flu. It doesn’t even seem to be the case that once you have the virus you’ll not get it again as there have been reports of people getting it more than once. Are they going to keep voiding the league every year when the virus peaks and people get ill?
  5. I wonder how much us going out last night has cost us financially. We should have enough in the kitty already for it to not affect our summer transfer plans I would have thought?
  6. Yeah he’s been moved around but always looks a threat. He can play anywhere in midfield too. I’m certain he’d be brilliant for us.
  7. If we had a stronger squad then maybe we could take the domestic cups more seriously and play the number 2 keeper more.
  8. You’re really not helping us here!
  9. He was. He looked to be back to the form he was at before he got injured.
  10. Yep. I heard earlier they haven’t won an away game in La Liga since the 22nd December.
  11. What is it with us and s*** keepers. Mignolet, Karius and now this f***ing whopper. f***ing hell this is f***ing infuriating.
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