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  1. Fiona Apple is wonderful - always worth the 8 year wait.
  2. When The Levees broke is outstanding - there's a a bit of footage of a child at a funeral that absolutely destroyed me. 4 Little Girls is another outstanding Spike Lee documentary
  3. nrkintheuk


    Possibly - but there are a number of advantages with regard to isolation and the size of population that make it possible if not probable. It will probably need borders to be closed for a long time and will largely destroy one of the main economic sectors (tourism). Numbers so far are looking good, especially considering they are over-reporting. Today is a big day and the figures will be very interesting. Hoping to ease lockdown next week...
  4. Yeah it is, wasn't sure how well it travelled outside of NZ so glad you enjoyed it. Get on it people!
  5. Have you watched Paterson? Really enjoyed that for reasons I can't quite understand. In a similar vein to Smoke. There's also Blue in the Face which I think was some sort of companion piece to Smoke?
  6. Nice airbrushing of the 7000 goals Rushie scored against them couresy of the BBC and the 'PL'
  7. Rake is the best Aussie show I've seen since Imbruglia era Neighbours I'm up to 6 and it keeps getting better. White men not giving a good account of themselves.
  8. We do one of these and its awesome. There are about 6 families and on any given day there are between 5 and 12 kids and 2 parents. Generally each family does 2 mornings a week organised on a rota but with a WhatsApp group for covering absences & changeable weather. It really helps with us only running 1 car and allowing both of us to work at least part-time. Think the weather could be a factor in the UK though.
  9. nrkintheuk

    your DIY skills

    Wet fingering is the way to go but the key is to wet the finger with white spirit and keep cleaning it with the same.
  10. Really hard to use on flights if you aren't in London, so yeah, going to use mine on a weekends worth of hotel...
  11. nrkintheuk

    Holidays 2019.

    Defo - there's a few flights that head off Eastwards (Singapore/Abu Dhabi) that leave around 8pm and they were ideal. Think the red eye return flights from US would be the same. And yes - just bog standard economy.
  12. nrkintheuk

    Holidays 2019.

    Done it UK-NZ a couple of times - was fine but might depend on flight times and how well you time the sleeping etc. The good thing is you're likely to get the bulkhead seats and a bassinet so plenty of leg room, first up on meals and if the airline's any good - better service.
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