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  1. fyds

    fao NYR

    Nah - it's just what was a sealed off granite and brick arched cellar (in a Cavern like shape) that had been sealed off and used as a watertank until the invention of piped fresh water. Isn't it funny how you can be away from somewhere so long and when you pop back to say hello you find everyone still standing and talking about the same things exactly where you left them? Hiss - been a busy few months mate - I'll mail you at length asap - I did get your mails, just time and a considerable change in life has as I say, made time a bit short....apologies for that
  2. Can't believe they con't cover Swipe's Sam - I love the Dr Johnson one, but Swipe's is the best by a mile.
  3. fyds

    Johnson wants out

    Yes - always the same when on Ing-ur-land duty
  4. Yes - that's the real story behind the non-headlines - Hodgson is to LFC what the North Sea is to the North Yorkshire coast.
  5. I could imagine DH or Cobs saying we should give him more time - see if he sells everyone else first.
  6. Yes - sums it up nicely. He has to go and frankly should have never have been appointed in a million years (or the 35 he's so keen on telling us about).
  7. fyds

    New CEO

    You do realise that a 'John' twitter account could be the price you pay for all this
  8. fyds

    Classic forum Wars

    Not that I recall, Dus - afew disagreements, but mostly civil. am Rhein has always struck me as a good lad with a sharp line in humour. Assonance makes the heart grow fonder...or something.
  9. Ok, so I take it the temporary 'get rid of the crap t***' hiatus some were experiencing of late has now ended. Good. Now again - get rid of the crap t***.
  10. The number of posts I've read on here and elsewhere over the years about how 'Keane could really do a job for us' would indicate loads thought it would be a good idea.
  11. fyds


    A latter day Tiberius, just swap Capri for Sardinia.
  12. I can just about tolerate that. One home win against the first good if slightly understrength opposition since Arsenal does not even come close to getting him off the hook. Even then after yesterdays game, he said 'I never doubted my abilities, by confidence was never dented' STOP IT!!!
  13. Lucas Torres Dirk Special mentiom for Kelly who had Woy in his ear all game telling him to get back.
  14. Pretty much all of them, isn't it?
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