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Liverpool v Aston Villa

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Johnson is lucky he has no competition. He is doing his best to play himself out of the World Cup squad


Makes you wonder what's going on with Kelly. It must be down to fitness because a fully fit Kelly would surely be a better option than Johnson at the moment.

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Srktel is deffo a weak link and has been for the past few months, been getting away with it to a degree.


Sakho has to come straight back in,he's our best centre back and I'd play Toure with him.


Sterling deserves to keep his place, amazingly ahead of Coutinho.


I think our best 11 against the weaker lot:




Johnson (just) - Toure - Sakho - Flanagan


Allen - Henderson


Coutinho - Gerrard


Sturridge - Suarez


For balance. Sterling impact sub for me, but cant deny his current form and he deffo deserves to keep his place.

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