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We are back.....


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They all have photographic memory?


Rodgers & Tiki Taka



Zone 2: The 'libero'


The players in Zone 2 are, like the goalkeeper, expected to play a much larger role in 'keep-ball'. They too are expected to act as pressure relief to a compact midfield as a way-out option. The two centre-backs are expected to complement one another: one technically brilliant and one with a powerful physical presence (see: Puyol-Pique). The more technical of the two is to act as a playmaker for changing the pace of the game - Ashley Williams made more long ball attempts than any other outfield player during 2011-12. As a 'libero' you have the whole picture in front of you - you are in a position to say, 'let's go this way' or 'let's go that way'.


Hope for me yet???

Waiting with baited breath for Brendan to call.

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Takes the piss this lad. f*** him off.



he's one useless tw*t that


if that's true I'd be offering him off on loan to Rangers, Wrexham, feckin Everton, anywhere daft, just spout off to the papers about all sorts of stupid destinations just to put the sh*ts up him and his feckin agent for the rest of his d1ckhead contract

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