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  1. Is it your contention that the far right succeeded in southern Europe?
  2. No, five star movement.
  3. The issue you highlighted was in Greece, there is growth in spain, Portugal and Italy from the left more than the right.
  4. Syriza won the Greek elections, golden dawn got 10%
  5. Southern Europe is going to the far left, mostly because they're the ones who had cuts imposed on them rather than voting for parties that proposed them.
  6. Interesting Wales result, labour should really be dominating there if they want to win next year.
  7. It seems my vote for the lib dems in the locals for yew tree was one against the tide.
  8. Spion kop

    Question Time

    Can't be much worse than jack Monroe and Neil Hamilton
  9. Good, the Romans, what have they ever done for us.
  10. Braveheart had a good ending. :hmm:/>
  11. Murder/Conspiracy to comment murder/Kidnapping?? As part of the Good Friday Agreement, I believe that all new convictions for pre 1998 crimes carry a maximum prison sentence of two years.
  12. If Adams was convicted he would only serve two years, it's a paltry concept of Justice.
  13. Listened to the Son on Radio 4 Today laying out the events and why even though he knows the names of the people who took his mother, his fear of being punished means he won't tell the police their names.
  14. Give it to Giggs and don't buy any new players, the "United " way will suffice
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