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Eduardo, diving, UEFA, Platini

Red Kent

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First of all, I hate divers, I hate players who try and con the officials for anything.


When I first saw the Eduardo dive, I did think it was a pen - until I saw the replay from behind the goal.


You cannot blame the ref for giving a pen because from 75-85% of possible angles - it look nailed on.


Then i was quite happy for UEFA to charge him with 'conning the ref' or whatever. But as Wenger said, he is expecting charges for every game.


Messi did headbut the Doneskt player, the ref missed it but the tv cameras never, much like Eduardo.


Is Messi going to be charged ? I doubt it because he's a big player playing for a bigger side than Arsenal.


And this is totally wrong, one rule for everyone please.


Then we have the Celtic player today, how f***in stupid do you have to be to try and dive like that after all the s*** with Eduardo ?


Probably I'm going all around the woods to say that I applaud UEFA for charging Eduardo, but I agree with Wenger as well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. UEFA have opened a massive can of worms for themselves here.


Finally, Platini is a t***.

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