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  1. Yeah I was very impressed with Schuurs. Hope we sign him.
  2. Think he’ll be okay but he gonna be playing much past his 30th with this kinda wear.
  3. Yeah, I'm with you. This team seems to be at it's best when we play twice a week. And yeah. Smash these pricks.
  4. Coote has it in for us. He's from Nottingham and got his first breaks as a pro ref working for as a development manager for Manchester county FA. I'd be amazed if he didn't harbour at least some latent anti-scouse resentment even if he's gained it by osmosis.
  5. Really liked the look of Raphinha. looks like he could play RB too
  6. Likewise. I’ll never think it was, I have the lad who won it, half the Brighton team, the Liverpool captain and the ex ref who commentated on it in real time on my side though, so ya know... along with the idea that VAR is supposed to only overturn clear and obvious errors, which given our back and forth, we can see it clearly wasn’t.
  7. And yet the man who beats him to the ball calls the penalty soft on live tv and tells his mates it wasn’t a pen. Neither of those things suggest it’s as clear cut as you’re saying. they both suggest that welbeck didn’t think he had controlled the ball and hadn’t beaten anyone to anything.
  8. They both kicked each other. The ball dropped for robbo. robbo isn’t trying to tackle welbeck, welbeck doesn’t have control of the ball. Robbo is trying to clear a bouncing ball, welbeck is trying to control it. They both kick each other. It’s nothing like salah vs West Ham. Are we now deciding fouls by who falls over after a 50/50?
  9. I didn’t say it was, I said it was a difference between the two incidents. They were never “near identical”.
  10. Hmmm. The differences being salah was in control of the ball at the time, the referee gave it in real-time and the defender actually knew he’d fouled him!
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