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  1. Yeah. I had been thinking he had to grow. He’s only a kid though. I grew another couple of inches in my late teens / early twenties. Since then I’ve only grown outwards. Though my feet grew until I was about 30.
  2. I hope not, there's nowhere for him to lean.
  3. Yeah Taylor is a ****. I remember being glad that Man U hadn't signed him.
  4. Yea, that's what I've been a wondering. Esp at home and/or chasing a goal.
  5. Yeah, there was a chance when he left Monaco. Only slither of a chance now is if we get big money for someone and think that getting 3 years from Mbappe and then selling when he's mid/late 20s. Stars would have to align.
  6. cos it's hard to make arrangements with myself.
  7. Yeah, it's not that we can't sign him without selling a foreign player, it's that if we do, we will end up with one of them out of the squad, the fear being that will be seen by a buying club as leverage to cut the price. You'd think we'd have said to Bayern, we'll buy him for X if we don't sell one and buy him for X+ if we do. They might have agreed.That might be the impasse and if so, it might go down to deadline day. Bayern might even have suggested it given that they're committed to not letting him leave on a free and it seems that we are his preferred club and might be willing
  8. Yeah. He's the sort that will want to play though. Unless it's proper imminent, I'd expect him to start. Just tried to find out how Leeds have done in pre-season. Looks like they only had one game? vs a Portuguese side I've never heard of. Last season, although they won on opening day (3-1 vs Bristol City away) they had a bit of a hotch-potch of results early on.
  9. I think Gini will start. Should be a good game. I'd imagine they're raring to go.
  10. Werner's book value would have remained or increased from 50m. Thiago's won't. He's an unsaleable asset.
  11. Well, yeah. Extrapolating the cases (from what I've been reading) from the amount of tests though shows we probably had around 100,000 cases per day back in March. We're probably under 10k cases per day now and were under 2/3k about a month ago. I'm staying in until next year.
  12. Sure you'll be fine when we KO vs Leeds.
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