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  1. Don't think it makes any difference. GK is just another player if he's out of the box. Handball is handball. If the handball directly stops a goal scoring opportunity it's a red.
  2. Can't say I am that pissed off. Not like I would be. Not particularly happy about losing 4-0 though. Been looking forward to it for a few days. Few beers. Footy on the telly. Then watched a walloping.
  3. Billy Talbot


    19* *not quite there yet
  4. Billy Talbot


    Yeah, it's something I know a fair bit about too. The whole reason why the UK government won't use the google/apple model and architecture is that anonymity is baked right into it, that's how they sell the idea to individual consumers and their idea is monetise the huge data they can get from that. The UK government explicitly want granular data on individuals, there's no other reason why they're doing it the way they are that makes any sense. If not in this phase of development, then in the future. Also they, as you say, want to be able to give tax payers money to their mates (isn't it currently Cumming's sister?) and not skin or reskin a existing and working product from "abroad" that would have comparable cost ongoing. This current Tory government are gangsters. There's no other word for them. No. I won't either. I would have done if it was built properly.
  5. Billy Talbot


    It will fall on the lower and middle earners, everything always does. But yes, there's a load of people (me included) who have had nothing in the way of any government support, had little to no income for months, no clear sight of when I'll get any, who are all going to be expected to contribute. Don't get me wrong, the furlough scheme is a good thing, but the way it arbitrarily shut some people out of it has and will cause huge resentment amongst those that are not in receipt.
  6. Well glad it’s back, but it’s been a bit crap tonight.
  7. I don't cast sky go onto my telly, but I do have sky go on my laptop and connect it with a HDMI. That works fine.
  8. Not sure Starmer has played that right TBH. Though I largely agree with him, that the statue was brought down like that isn't really the big story and he should have declined to comment on it. The big story is that Bristol had a huge **** off statue of a slave trader on display and it should have been taken down years ago. I know Liverpool has it's fair share of this sort of thing, but I've only been to Bristol once (years ago) and I remember that statue. I then more recently saw a documentary about Bristol that explained who the fella was and remember being taken aback somewhat that firstly it was still standing and secondly wasn't subject to incessant vandalism. I suppose if Starmer doesn't condemn it he'd lay himself open to being accused of being an some sort of anarchist further down the line. I'm surprised he gave a quote that was so easily headlineable as it "was wrong". Yeah, I don't think he's read the room very well at all.
  9. Well that’s just silly. I think he’d have signed for us for less but if he’s getting that then it would still be north of 200k meaning everyone else would want a bump too.
  10. If he’s managed to get himself 140k a week then fair f***s to him. He wouldn’t and shouldn’t be getting that here on his first deal.
  11. Billy Talbot


    Give him a new contract.
  12. Billy Talbot


    Get their cleaners back in. Go play golf and tennis.
  13. It's Virgil that we're missing most 😪 I console myself by thinking he might have got a serious injury which he doesn't get now. Sliding Doors.
  14. Yeah, it will be different for different players. Some of them will deteriorate at a faster rate than they would through not being kept match fit. Some of them will deteriorate slower than they would due to less wear and tear. Depends on what would have and what does finish their peak powers first, lessening general aerobic fitness or more accumulated game related issues. Pot luck and genetics. Difficult to say in aggregate, but I'd err on side of players lasting slightly longer due to less wear and tear.
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