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Igors Uncle Dave

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There is a brilliant piece of PR doing the rounds at the moment and we should give credit to where credit is due. Liverpool are one of the biggest names and biggest clubs in the World, any player being linked would immediately draw the attention of the Worlds media. In doing so it would bump the price of any proposed transfer fee up through the roof, just look at the Chelsea and Man City deals going through.


So by allowing or even feeding the media with the Liverpool are stuck for cash headlines it might help us with any stumbling block.


Over the past few weeks we have seen the media gathering momentum on Liverpool’s plight adding fuel to the story line. Is it a coincidence it has happened just when the transfer window has opened? I don’t think so and if it is true then it is a brilliant piece of misinformation.


Rumour has it that Rafa wanted assurances about his transfer budget prior to signing on the dotted line, stories of £20 and even £30 million being available. What would happen if at the time, Liverpool went out for Silva or Villa? The fee would rise and very quickly be out of our reach.


What could Liverpool do? If my assumption is right then they slowly leak information about the state of our finances. Did we not already know that we had to pay in excess of £30 million in interested? Wasn’t that already made crystal clear when the refinancing was made? So the actual figure was more, not a killer in the grand scheme of things.


Looking at the Barry deal, the media jumped on it stating that Liverpool lost out to Manchester Cities millions, did we? Was he really a target? He might have been at one time, who knows for sure if he was when the window opened. Silva IS!!! We know this from the many reports dotted around and Rafa himself made enquiries only for the link to be leaked and he withdrew. So what now?


I think it is still on but Rafa is using as much misinformation as possible, links to players like Lavezzi and Glen Johnson, even Michael Owen has been bought to the fore. Could they be part of the master plan that Rafa has? More and more stories hit the headlines and ever linked site under the sun is wanting a piece of the Liverpool demise, they love it. Let them!


For now we, like the rest of the waiting World have to wait to see what transpires. If I am right then expect Silva within the next two weeks, if not then we are in trouble and I have overestimated the manager we trust. Our financial situation is not the best but we are better off than most, we have fans who love the club through wind and the rain throughout the World. Time will tell.


Just a thought

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