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  1. I think he's useless and has proven that time and again. A mix between El Hadj spit and Milan "I run into blind alleys" Baros.
  2. fabfive

    Steven Gerrard

    Well there's the rub. If the Captain isn't motivated how can he expect the rest of his team mates to be? Once or twice, a few times maybe the team mates can pick up the slack but not when it appears to be season long. And yet somehow next season his attitude will improve. I remember when people said Fowler had lost his pace and wasn't putting forth the effort. Even though he chipped in with enough goals to justify his place. Supporters were comparing the Fowler of his younger days to the Fowler of the present at the time. The same can be done with Gerrard. But it can't apparently.
  3. fabfive

    Steven Gerrard

    Well he has given some verbals to others when they don't get him the ball. But that isn't my point. It is his on pitch demeanor. His walking around, lack of enthusiasm, it is like he is going through the motions. To often he's lackadaisical. There is little box to box take the match by the scruff of the neck that Stevie is so famous for. It is not down to Alonso leaving. It is not down to Torres being on the pitch or in the treatment room. Anyone who has seen the entire season and read the post match thread know Gerrard hasn't been at his best. And it's all down to Gerrard. No one else.
  4. fabfive

    Steven Gerrard

    The question is can Gerrard get back to the levels we expect of him? Or that he expects of himself. Personally only a change of teams may give him something to get the best out of himself. He's to ingrained here. He's done that and got the tee shirt. A new manager won't change things as Stevie is Mr. Liverpool. In his own mind that is. So I see it as the only way Gerrard gets back to not walking around the pitch throwing his arms up at his team mates is to completely take him out of his comfort zone and sell him to another side. This could also free up our attack ( don't snicker ) as the
  5. This. Especially if they don't get 4th place.
  6. So that's a MOO GOO GAI PAN and a SHRIMP KUNG PAO to go then.
  7. Could the reason Hicks didn't go for that deal is that Ambani would be majority owner as as such could dictate the selling price of the shares should Gillett or Hicks want to sell to Ambani? Unless a fixed sale price was agreed to before G&H sold him the 51% majority control. Maybe that was the stumbling block that they couldn't agree this fixed set price. Otherwise the only way that the shares would significantly increase is if Ambani decided to sell the club on and make a profit for himself and ultimately G&H as well. No?
  8. fabfive


    They've puled the article because so many supporters complained.
  9. Fyds: I've enjoyed your analysis of financial matters. For near three years now various experts have said G&H couldn't get a refinance and they'll have to sell on the cheap. If you keep repeating it , it must be true. In spite of the fact RBS have refinanced twice. I've asked for your documentation that Hicks sold his house because baseball demanded it to pay back some loans as you've claimed. Still waiting, btw. I do not seem to recall you or any other expert floating the idea that G&H will go to someone like BarCap in order to sell before it was announced. Funny that. Inste
  10. You think Hicks wrote this line: In the end, Hicks has paid dearly, in money and reputation, for a valuable lesson: Owning major league sports teams is unlike owning any other business because fans want owners to spend whatever it takes to win, even when an owner can't.
  11. From the Dallas Morning News Hicks' soccer team sale may end troubled sports odyssey 12:00 AM CDT on Saturday, April 17, 2010 By GARY JACOBSON and BRENDAN CASE / The Dallas Morning News Tom Hicks appears to be breaking off his sometimes rocky 14-year romance with professional sports teams, although his advisers say there still might be a future fling or two. The Dallas dealmaker and his business partner, Colorado tycoon George Gillett Jr., announced Friday that they aim to sell the Liverpool Football Club, a marquee soccer team in the English Premier League. It's the third major sp
  12. So they say. Someone will blink, concessions will be made, and the sale will happen.
  13. If Jose Mourinho wants Champions League footy he'll be at Spurs next season.
  14. Not in 2002 or thereabouts. From what I read the players went on strike and he couldn't find a buyer for what he wanted to sell the club at, so he pulled them off the market. The Stars went on to make the playoffs and i think even the semifinals in the years after. He's put them back on the market this year. And for those following the Baseball teams sale, Hicks Sports Group is in debt for 500mil. But that includes the Baseball and Hockey team. so when he sells the baseball team for 550 mil and then sells the hockey team for 2- 300 mil he will more than clear the debt. People predic
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