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  1. Sad news. You could tell he loved every minute he was with us. I was at West Ham for that hat-trick. Also remember him making a nuisance of himself and scoring against us a couple of times in the early 80s when we struggled to away draws down at Brighton. RIP
  2. Their fans really like us. We met loads of Flamengo who'd come over for the Champions League finals in Kiev and Madrid and were on our side. It surprised us when we first got talking to one group in Kiev because we thought they'd be there for Real. In Madrid, there were quite a few around in Plaza Mayor having a drink and enjoying the singing.
  3. 19 April 1980 Arsenal Kop Starting Line Up: Clemence, Neal, Irwin, Thompson ©, Kennedy, Hansen, Dalglish, Fairclough, Johnson, Lee, Souness Sub: Heighway 1-1 Dalglish / Talbot Interesting defence, I hadn't remembered Colin Irwin playing. I guess he was left-back, though I seem to remember him usually stepping in at centre-back.
  4. I'd just like to bring this sad event to the forum's attention, especially as Flamengo fans have a big soft spot for the Reds. At the final in Kiev, we kept seeing small groups walking round with a shirt and badge we couldn't work out. In the end we stopped some and asked who they were and they told us Flamengo. We assumed Brazilians would be over for Madrid but they told us they'd travelled over to Kiev to watch Liverpool. Flamengo are big Liverpool fans since they beat us in the World Club Championship in 1981, the biggest year in their history. Thoughts, sadness and best wishes with them today. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/08/fire-flamengo-football-traning-centre-brazilian-club
  5. Would depend if he was meant to let in 3 goals or the game was meant to end a draw?
  6. Slow motion one is great too. Origi even dived for a penalty in case in didn't go in!
  7. Bao

    Gigs 2014+

    Blossoms are at Voice Space, part of the Voice TV station. I think it holds about a thousand. Scala's a blast from the past - used to go and watch films there late 80s!
  8. Bao

    Gigs 2014+

    2,300 baht, so about £55. It's in a pretty small venue but I haven't seen a gig there yet so might give it a go.
  9. Bao

    Gigs 2014+

    How are the Blossoms live? Coming to Bangkok next month but tickets are expensive especially considering the venue. Not really worth it unless they do the business live. Anyone?
  10. And if we'd got a second it would have been fair enough. If Salah had caught the one in the 2nd half just right it could have been. True, we squeaked by but to be fair we could have squeaked it by more than one.
  11. Big 'if' though with the rest of Europe still open. It is getting a bit desperate for those English clubs that haven't done their business yet.
  12. He's longan style but has he got the juice to back it up?
  13. I think he started off with a little gig on Koptalk. And then got shafted by Dunc obviously.
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