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Zonal marking - Corners


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As I say apols if this has been done before, but I just went for a run post match to get the anger out, and all I could think of was their first goal from the corner tonight.


I sat there at the time, screaming at the screen for someone to mark someone.


We had 3 (or maybe 4) players lined up on the 6 yard box marking space. No-one between them and the keeper. Then 3 players out trying to mark the 4 Chelsea runners. Ivanovic basically was the extra man, and ran into one of the spaces on the 6 yard box. I've seen schoolboys do better!!!


I just don't get it - it seems that over the past 2 seasons we've let in many goals from this 'method'. Has anyone got any stats to prove or disprove that?


Surely each team you play will have a different make up, and different potential winners of the ball, and styles of corners, such that you play to defend their attack? Or am I just being dumb here, and doing the same zonal thing each time should work...??


Either way - I feel like writing to Rafa....

"Dear Rafa,

Re: Zonal marking. Please please please give it up.

Please also (while you are watching all the videos we hear you watch) take a look at how inept the zonal marking method is and has proved time after time for Liverpool.

It's giving me a heart attack every time we have a corner against us, and giving our opponents hope.


Disgruntled fan"



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