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  1. Had enough of Mignolet. He is garbage.
  2. Right im setting off home to hopefully catch kick off. Just a quick one but does anyone know a good channel on a firestick to watch this?
  3. matlfc

    Wasp Nest

    The Deer Hunter Apocalypse Cow
  4. Rectify is superb. Only a couple of episodes in but it is class.
  5. The Prodigy - Music for the jilted generation Orbital - Insides
  6. Get that acid reflux a lot. I drink, smoke, dont exercise and eat pizzas and kebabs a lot though so it might be that
  7. So the mirror is saying sturridge will not be back for this.
  8. I know mate but the same people who are saying we had so many shots against bournemouth etc are the ones screaming goal when we got that bit of luck. We have good players and beating the mancs is not impossible. Apart from city everyone is looking a bit strange this year. Get sturridge back, Firmino, Can fit and you never know. Bit early be writing us off i reckon.
  9. yeah lets sack the manager who could put us 2nd in the league next game.
  10. I will probably die of old age before i finish witcher 3. Great game though.
  11. It still leaves benteke on his own mate
  12. 2 nil down and bring a defender on. genius
  13. can and gomez need to go off here. ings and mreno on
  14. we have 1 good defender and its his first season with us. i dont trust any of the others. i like can but his passing is all over the place. benteke on his own isnt working.
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