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To win the League

Jim D

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Whilst the Mancs were once again cruising to another victory against lower opposition at Old Trafford it kind of hit home to me about how outstanding their league record has been at Old Trafford over the past two seasons. Now our own record at Anfield isn't too shabby either and our away record is just as good as theirs. So why the gulf in the points totals?


Well lets see....from last season



Mancs P19 W17 D1 L1 Pts 52

Liverpool P19 W12 D6 L1 Pts 42



Mancs P19 W10 D5 L4 Pts 35

Liverpool P19 W9 D7 L3 Pts 34


Fast forward to this season so far.....



Mancs P12 W11 D1 L0 Pts 34

Liverpool P12 W7 D5 L0 Pts 26



Mancs P13 W7 D4 L2 Pts 25

Liverpool P13 W8 D4 L1 Pts 28


Our away form is title winning form and has been during this period, our problem has been at home. Despite only losing 1 game during this period (same as the Mancs) for most teams this would be a very creditable home record. However it is plain to see the Mancs win the majority of their games at home and this is where they win the League. Draws at home are killing us big time and its something Rafa has not remedied from last season.


Yes we've had disappointing draws away to Wigan and Stoke recently but it is not these results that will cost us the League its those draws we got against Fulham, West Ham and Stoke at Anfield. I remember posting on here a few months ago after we drew against West Ham on a Monday night being very disappointed because we had a chance to make a statement at the top of the League. Looks like it has come back to haunt us.


Our form at Anfield is a massive problem and it needs addressing starting from next season, we need to see more draws converted into wins but how is it going to be solved??


Is Rafa going to have to change his philosophy, change the way we set up and be more attacking at home or is it Rafa is just lacking quality players in his system. If so where?

Do the Anfield crowd have a responsibility in this? The fans just don't seem to get going when the "lower" teams come to Anfield on a match day.

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