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  1. Bin it off, in normal circumstances I would be playing a weakened side but with how the season is playing out with Covid and injuries, give the players the extra rest they need to avoid muscle fatigue. CL and PL take priority.
  2. Joint top, teams around us not taking advantage of our bad luck with VAR and injuries. If we can just get past the New Year in roughly the same position and with some first teamers back we've got a very good chance in retaining the title.
  3. Top of the League but this season feels so much worse.
  4. VAR needs to be severely restricted. On offsides: freeze frame, draw a line across the pitch as a GUIDE, look at it by eye, the lengths they go to be so precise is ridiculous because how do you know the exact time the ball leaves a players foot. On fouls: For serious foul play, situations where the player is clearly fouled no where near the ball but the referee doesn't spot it, handballs in the area, ball must strike player on the arm and if the arm is down by the side of the body cannot be given. Ah f*** it I'll be here all day.
  5. VAR is a joke, funny how they can find minimal contact today for a pen to be given but cannot see a goalkeeper taking out a player with his entire body weight against his knee causing an injury that rules them out for the rest of the season.
  6. Very, this whole season is gonna look like a complete rollercoaster, compact schedule, injuries to key players, VAR being applied inconsistently or pedantically. Games are still coming thick and fast, this will be one of the most unpredictable seasons in modern football history.
  7. Yep, by this standard we should be having numerous penalties a game. How is it VAR is so f***ed up here. In the Premier League?
  8. Brighton players are even saying it wasn't a penalty. Not one of them appealed for it when it happened so how the f*** has it got to a situation where the players on the pitch don't think it is but the officials see completely differently. Something is not right here.
  9. Yep, Vladi was the best player in training at the time but had a mental block when coming onto the pitch. I think it would be best if he found a new club in a different league with less intensity.
  10. I was so f***ing excited when we signed him, had some good games in the red shirt and I so so so so badly want him to succeed because of the potential I saw in him BUT I think it's time for Naby's career at LFC to be over. I feel so bad for him, just when he starts to find some form he gets a muscle injury. I think the recurrence and frequency of these injuries says to me he is not going to make it here. I just don't think his body can handle the intensity of playing in the Premier League and/or under Klopp. Someone tell me I'm wrong, I'm gutted for the lad.
  11. Oh aware of that but I've never seen a Liverpool team this dominant in my lifetime.
  12. 64 league matches unbeaten at home. Club record, f***ing astonishing, gone one better than Paisley.
  13. This is an impressive performance considering the circumstances. Squad depleted with injuries playing against an inform team and we won convincingly. You cannot write off this manager and squad of players he has at his disposal. The Villa result was a complete one off, a fluke. Spurs and Chelsea are looking strong but surely we're now the bookies favourites.
  14. Time for Keita to step up, need something special from him today.
  15. Let's hope the starting eleven can do the business today because I can't see anyone coming off the bench making a significant impact if we need a goal.
  16. Jim D

    Joe Gomez

    Our entire back line has been crippled this season: Allison, Trent, Gomez, Van Dijk, Matip. This is ridiculous! Pray for Andy Robertson
  17. The turnover in his Administration is astonishing. If you don't bow to his whims you're gone.
  18. He's gonna lose it, full meltdown mode incoming.
  19. Biden now leads in Georgia by 10,000+ though not sure how many more ballots need to be counted.
  20. That was fantastic from Biden.
  21. Joe running to the podium. Started off the speech good.
  22. First black Vice President AND female. This is going to screw with Republican heads.
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