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  1. Daily Record (who?) says Messi has agreed a EUR 700m deal with City.
  2. Yea I meant my post in a "he's got great numbers, and at top level" kind of way. Think he went 17 or 27 games or something without scoring too towards the end of last season - obviously a lot were sub appearances with limited minutes. But he has a knack for finding goals. We just need to stop playing him as a wide left and expecting him to be Mane, and expecting Minamino to be a Firmino replica, and especially playing those two together in that exact formation. Origi doesn't really gel with our team in the centre either, but at least he gets goals there. Stick him up top centrally and he'll ge
  3. Seen Origi's numbers? I'm on board for Suarez. Higuain is utter trash. I'd rather keep Origi.
  4. It would help if we stopped playing him and Minamino at the same time, with Origi as wide forward and Minamino central, and just stuck him (Origi) central. Imagine how the Barca game goes if we stick him wide.
  5. I was saying maybe it's a good thing Leicester didn't qualify for the CL this season. Now they'll only get narrowly knocked out by a Romanian team instead of being embarassed 6-1 every other game in the groups.
  6. Posted this on RAWK, but worth reposting here: Using TransferMarkt, just some stats for key players (these are overall stats including pre-2010): Goalscorers and the two freaks Messi - 730 games, 634 goals, 285 assists Cristiano - 850 games, 638 goals, 223 assists (but many of these were pre-2010 which is why he wasn't in that above 2010s assist list - probably just short of it) Suarez - 611 games, 405 goals, 231 assists (!) Lewandowski - 587 games, 409 goals, 118 assists Aguero - 636 games, 372 goals, 119 assists Ibra - 761 games, 467 goals, 185 assists Playmakers Ozil - 60
  7. Calling it now. Next club he signs for plays Barca in the European Cup and Suarez scores the winner.
  8. That’s fine. Let them w*** themselves silly over Bayern and we’ll quietly make our way to the semis.
  9. Did anyone else see Thiago doing the Hendo shuffle? A hint?
  10. Yep, both massively vulnerable. Very annoying we aren't there.
  11. None of which Luis Suarez is also famous for...
  12. Yea. If you win it, you don't qualify for it and qualify for the better tournament (if you haven't already finished in the league in a good enough qualifying spot). Then you have to be meh in the European Cup, but not complete s***. Repeat all over again when you win.
  13. If the aliens ever invade us and for some reason challenge the humans to a football match for the right to rule the world/universe, Space Jam style, forget putting together a World XI, I propose we just send a Sevilla team and tell them it's the UEFA Cup final.
  14. Alonso in a back 4 is absolutely awful (he's fine as a wingback). And they seem to want to play a back 4.
  15. They’re better with Kimmich there and current midfield than dropping the midfield to accommodate Kimmich and Pavard at right back.
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