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  1. Can we sue them for reducing the value of our player?
  2. That's breaking up 2 partnerships. Get Mane central, Jota on the left. Keep Salah-TAA as it is. Mane is like a Suarez-lite anyway - perfect for playing that CF role.
  3. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, the full thing is on YouTube
  4. What's the history/rivarly behind us playing Burnley (replace with about 20-30 other teams)? Most of the clubs we have a rivarly any semblance of a rivarly against, save for Everton, Leeds, Villa and Forest, would be in the competition anyway.
  5. Most are in friendlies, though, apparently. Think when Messi scored the other week for Argentina they did a statistic on goals not scored in friendlies - something like 70% of Neymar's were in friendlies, while for the actual Ronaldo who's goals Neymar has surpassed for Brazil, it was the other way around.
  6. That last Ajax attack when he went to punch the cross...heart in mouth stuff. Imagine a Gudjohnsen moment, but Adrian in goal.
  7. Was a s/crappy game overall but we badly needed the win so onward and upward.
  8. It was as wrong then as it is now. The goalkeeping equivalent of a Hodgson is better than Rafa shout. Funnily enough, if I remember, he was shocking the season BEFORE that and was actually coming good again around that period before we decided to replace him with pan-faced plant pot. It's also up there with "Xabi only had one good season for us and was average the rest". Bad timelines. Xabi had one injury hit season (07-08) where he was good but had a few injuries here and there. He did have one average season (06-07 but was picking up again as we made the final), two excellent seaso
  9. Yea Mane's a bit of a Suarez in that regard, would be interesting to see him central.
  10. Minamino has shown nothing to be given a start in an important game yet. Jota has - let's give him a go.
  11. Should get a run for Firimino - I guess only issue is that would mean having to move the Mane/Robertson partnership as Mane goes central but worth testing it out for a game.
  12. Hilarious when commentators say "[X player] was far from happy when substituted" which is usually preceded with same player looking quizzally at the sub board. Which player is happy to come off? Even Lovren with his mare at the 4-0 Tottenham game was probably like "Me, boss? Why am I being taken off?"
  13. Ant's got to be on the wind up surely? That's what you'd expect from a teenage, pimply-faced Ant which was what a good 10-12 or so years ago now.
  14. Seeing as he was let go by West Ham or whatever, arguably this IS him being better... Regardless of whether or not Reina would be any good here, again, his shot stopping can't be worse than Adrian's - it will be just as bad at worst. But going from having a guy who can pass at will at the back to a plonker who can't find his teammate 10 yards away in crucial games of the season is a huge issue - our whole style of play changes. It's worse than having an Origi-like backup for Firmino. At least the former is useful and scores and contributes even if we have to change our style slightl
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