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  1. Brewster (thusfar) isn't even good enough to be Origi's backup...
  2. I have two thoughts about this: It was a very poor, initial decision. Can't have things like "This Means More" and "Liverpool Family" and then pull s*** like this. But I am glad that they finally came to the right decision, it was the right thing to do. I know the players are contracted etc (and I'm sure some of them do SOMETHING behind the scenes) but it would have been a huge gesture, even a token one, to all formally agree to take a paycut while this ends - every little bit helps. I guess the issue is - what is the right amount? You can't expect players to take ZERO pay either (regardless of what people want to say, players will have their own expenses too etc). And then the problem becomes what percentage is acceptable - because some t** will always complain that it's never enough. But honestly, even a token 5-10% from EACH senior player would have been HUGE in this instance towards paying non-playing staff. However, to all of those, and ESPECIALLY the 'non-football' folk who have pillored this decision, if and when the time comes that a club like Liverpool (or similar - deepy ingrained in its society and tied to the city's culture) is indeed in the s***ter, the government needs to step in to help and assist. At that stage, no arguments about 'well they ran the business poorly' can be made. Precisely because clubs like these operate BOTH as a business and as so much more than that, and in times ilke these, also isn't EXPECTED to act simply like a 'business'. Because it isn't simply a business. No one gives two s***s what Walmart or Tescos does in a situation like this.
  3. _00_deathscar


    474 according to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_flu_pandemic_by_country But not sure about those UK stats - those US stats for example are wildly off due to underreporting and issues with tests etc at the time...CDC's own website has the count much higher:
  4. _00_deathscar


    This is a long but worthy read. https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca?fbclid=IwAR1zr8SaSRB9uUWWRFm7o1QFJG0WvoAAuRrXuAcj9dliLZNAQtkLQaC6vfg
  5. _00_deathscar


    No, but you see people still going out and about...
  6. _00_deathscar


    The idea that only old people are really affected (because they make up the majority of the deaths) is so, so flawed. The problem is that when younger people go on about their daily lives, they could be carrying it without showing symptoms - we know that can be as long as 14 days, some reports suggest 24 days. The latest I saw says it can last upto 37 days inside the body. So your father/grandpa could stay at home and never leave, but when you’re visiting or coming back home... ALL social interaction needs to be practically shut down for a while. I’m still absolutely shocked that I’m reading about concerts etc going ahead.
  7. _00_deathscar


    The virus by itself isn't lethal, per se. There are a few factors: - Many people might have the virus (mild symptoms) and not bother going to a hospital/testing facility to get tested. Many more probably exhibit more serious symptoms, those may/may not get tested. Only the severe really get tested (unless there are enough kits to go around). - Where the death rate starts rising is when it spirals out of control. Then medical supplies etc are all suddenly in a shortage and it really goes nuts (see Italy, Wuhai/Hubei etc). If controlled at an initial stage, death rate is low (even rest of China outside of Hubei).
  8. _00_deathscar


    Hong Konger here. I am absolutely staggered by the response in Europe and US (latter not so surprise I guess) thus far. Several places in Asia (Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan etc) had literally given a blueprint to the rest of the world on how to handle this effectively. I'm absolutely shocked that the game the other night at Anfield - 50,000-odd people from the area, around the UK and internationally, with another 3,000 or so from Madrid - was allowed to happen. And even WHEN measures are taken (closed door games), you still have mass gatherings (PSG game the other night). Schools in many places that aren't in complete lockdown are still open etc.
  9. _00_deathscar

    The Treble

    Whoever started threads like this and anything about invincibles etc should be permabanned.
  10. _00_deathscar

    The Treble

    Whoever started threads like this and anything about invincibles etc should be permabanned.
  11. Bookmark the page: http://vipbox.tv/ I use it for literally every sport, even really obscure games.
  12. Anyone else watch Wolves play from time to time and think that Raul Jimenez is basically a less scruffy, less bitey, less mad, less talented Luis Suarez?
  13. Anyone see that Maradona documentary? Was fascinating - wish they did a few more. Same guys did Senna, no?
  14. Was just going to say - most annoying performance of the season from the opposition. God they're annoying to play.
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