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Riise angry about lack of contract offer

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John Arne Riise has vented his frustration at not yet being offered a new contract at Liverpool.


Riise, who was part of the 2005 UEFA Champions League and 2006 FA Cup winning sides, has one year left to run on his present deal at Anfield but is keen to know where his long-term future lies.


The Norwegian has admitted that if he is still in the dark in the close season he may even look at a potential move away from Merseyside.


"I don't feel that I have been treated badly, but I think that the club should have said something since I've been here seven years," Riise told Dagbladet.


"I've won everything that we have won and I've played everything that's worth playing. It's up to the boss to decide.


"It's disappointing that everything is so tight, with one year left on my contract and I haven't heard anything.


"I don't know what the manager thinks, no-one does. I don't think about moving on but something has to happen this summer. It's hard to say anything for sure but I will consider a switch to another club this summer.


"There's two games left of the season, and I can get my 350th game for Liverpool. That's 50 games a season almost, I have nothing to prove."



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Lost for words. Hang on, I can think of a few.


f*** off you thick, one footed, selfish, unskilled prick and don't let the door hit your a*** on the way out. If you can manage to get through the door without trying to put your head through it, instead of placing your right foot in front of your left.

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