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  1. I drank a bottle and a half of white wine last night and had to get up at 7am for delivery of a new desk and chair. My head was f***ing pounding
  2. scoose


    I dont believe any figures anymore for anything to do with this
  3. I had poached duck eggs with Salmon on toast yesterday. Never had duck eggs before. Think I'll buy them again
  4. scoose


    Think that's what one of my mates has done. Just dividends
  5. really? what does he do? write a fitness column or something?
  6. scoose


    Seriously? I've been wondering why we are getting death rates easily from everywhere bar here. f***ing rats just get worse and worse Fingers crossed Sammy lad
  7. Yeh we use it in worrk. Me mates are doing a friday one and having a bevvy on it
  8. It was this mate:
  9. I was like that to the ojays last week. Can't even remember what tune
  10. ah - I used to just fry some chorizo
  11. I'm having leftovers from yesterdays roast in a bit for me tea
  12. Swap the fried egg for poached and that used to be my favourite breakfast before the stomach told me I couldn't eat f***ing meat anymore I like avocado with a bit of lime juice and chili in it mashed up
  13. muesli for me breakfast. Avocado, hummus and falafel for me dinner
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