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  1. I've ended up in a pickle a few times on that gear
  2. I was actually thinking about next season. I honestly dont know what they will do about season tickets
  3. scoose


    I agree - but just think - there hasnt had to be f***ing 7 before! 😁
  4. See I dont see how they can get full crowds back for a long time
  5. I was thinking the other day about how crowds are going to come back in to footy and the knock on effect of this. I was also thinking that this may be the impetus the bigger clubs need to try to protect future revenue and introduce virtual season tickets and stream all the games rather than have a massive telly deal. How do we reckon they'll get people back in? Limited season tickets next year? Do we think this is the beginning of the end for the massive telly deals? Is it possible to do this now?
  6. Think I may get one next year - thanks Gethin
  7. Im interested in this. Been thinking about getting an awning. What size did you get mate? want to get a quote but cant be arsed with the sales chat
  8. I remember being at that match thinking wtf?
  9. scoose


    Mine has - f***en heads bangin
  10. I started using it because it was too hot to cook inside my flat so got a gas one for the balcony. The weather being good there more often just leads you to want to be outside more so cooking outside happens more often. That's why I wanted a gas one and have got used to them. Also when you live on the 14th floor and have good views its nice to cook outside most days for months
  11. scoose


    Thats interesting. Wonder how we would do something like that considering how much people have paid for season tickets?
  12. scoose

    The rugby

    there was a fella today playing for Melbourne who was 6 foot 6 and f***ing huge. Tbh though I prefer watching the smaller quicker players
  13. scoose

    The rugby

    Theres an 18 year old lad called Bradman Best. He's f***en massive for his age like. Not height wise but muscle
  14. scoose

    The rugby

    Fair enough - I prefer to watch the aussie game than the english. It seems faster to me Totally agree. I like the look of George Williams though at Canberra
  15. scoose

    The rugby

    Same here. Been watching a game most days. that rule change is a great idea. Just watch Melbourne v knights. I wanted Melbourne to win but love watching Ponga. Really exciting to watch
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