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  1. Soon as I read that. this came into my head
  2. ah ok - I have to say I genuinely don't trust this government with numbers This sounds sensible: “I would suggest that the performance metrics they should be looking at is whether people who need PCR testing get a test within 24 hours of need (tick 1), get the results in 24 hours of response (tick 2), together with a conversation with an appropriate healthcare practitioner (tick 3) and contact tracer (tick 4),” he said.
  3. Wheres that from mate? Its also weird that we have had over 400,000 cases while Germany has had 277,000. We Haven't had double the amount of cases but we have had over 4 times the amount of deaths This is from John Hopkins
  4. Id settle for better testing as a start tbh
  5. Cant remember whether mine was big audio dynamite or living colour - getting old la me memory is f***ed
  6. scoose


    yep - then brexit is next. Boris will f*** off and they will bring in a new set of c**** whilst convincing all the d****eads its a new mob and things will be different. Pricks will lap it up n all
  7. scoose


    there we go again. All advice rather than proper rules. Then blame people. c**** this mob
  8. Booney getting rustled by these crow puns la
  9. cos we all wanna be big big stars mate
  10. scoose


    😂 Does that mean we all have to take our own then?
  11. "Dont clap him you'll only encourage the c***" 😂
  12. hahaha f***ing hell. Be interesting to see him defensively tho in all seriousness. With the ball hes outstanding. Klopp mentioned about his defending yesterday. Nothing heavy but just about knowing how we play I think
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