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  1. It will be a £50m 5th October deal for Sarr
  2. Lets hope it isn't a long drawn out affair
  3. Visited there on holiday a few weeks back, I liked it. Was a bit blowy at the top of the Great Orme though. Abersoch was full of rich people parading through the town in their Range Rovers and Q7's. All a bit showy
  4. Sky saying that Gini wants to stay.
  5. Oh dear Mr Collymore: ”Kop fans must be very concerned that #lfc have made no big-name signings this summer. Where are the players whose arrivals would make the dressing-room sit up and think: ‘We’d better push ourselves even more - the gaffer is getting serious’?” Getting serious? Just posted two 90+ points seasons, picking up four trophies along the way. I think it's dawned on our lads that Jurgen is serious. “I like the ­Antoine Griezmann rumour – if Liverpool were to get the French international striker then the dressing-room would be thinking the cavalry had ­finally arriv
  6. Can't see him taking a £1m per month reduction in his wages
  7. Saw the full away kit on a kid earlier. The shorts and socks seemed to be a different shade of turquoise/blue to the shirt - looked odd
  8. Unsurprisingly City are supposed to be interested in Thiago. BILD also saying we’ll pay the €27m for him
  9. How best to improve the Champions? Ah yes, sell the captain and Player of the Year! Makes perfect sense.
  10. “Just a comment about #Tsimikas: Tsimi will be the perfect back-up for #Robertson at #LFC and definitely a starter for #LCFC or #CFC. He is a hard worker, he loves training & he respects but is not the media guy. He has only one thing on his mind: football” This is from the journalist who works for the outlet in Greece who broke it
  11. Buttles

    The cricket

    So 52-3 at lunch?
  12. We use Everbridge for company wide notification but that’s more around DR
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