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  1. Swan Red

    The boxing

    forde proved to be spot on there, great shout and cracking fight. Great win for Joyce that I wonder who the commentators feel the need to apologise to for language cos I'm reckoning the venn diagram of people offended by swearing and people who like watching two people natter each other is two distinct circles
  2. I'm really just not smart enough to explain things clearly. What I'm trying to get at in the last sentence is that when you examine failings in democratic principles it becomes apparent that significant inequality has a detrimental effect on democratic processes. When you are committed to defending those inequalities like centrists and the right are you need to stop your analysis of democratic failure before this point, so things like Russiagate and stolen elections fulfil the function of explaining to people why democracy is failing them. The left doesn't need to do this it can be honest
  3. Yeah I think the punditocracy on both sides have contributed to this political cynicism, the problem is that the fissures in US and UK democracy are revealing of much deeper issues than this class of whichever hue want to admit. It'd be amusing if it wasn't so tragic just how ironic it is that the class most likely to accuse Trump, correctly a lot of the time, of projecting his own failures on to others while engaging in similar practices towards the left. The left also has this issue but the closer you get to the fundamental problems inherent to democratic principles of massive inequalities t
  4. I missed this when it happened but made me smile
  5. Involving toddler sized Turkeys being brandished as weapons down the christmas pud aisle
  6. 68% of Republican voters, by way of some poll I saw referenced on twitter, think the election was stolen. This is a pretty dangerous outcome regardless of the wider failings of what we consider democratic.
  7. Like it's clearly exaggerated as well cos if you were paying 10% of the price the boss shouldn't be throwing stuff in your trolley but it's still miserable begrudgery when all manner of s*** goes viral like. Anyway I can appreciate a 16 year old lad wanting to do right by his family at Christmas
  8. Like I simultaneously love this story and hate what it reveals about the inefficiency of capitalism in resource distribution
  9. Cheese with honey isn't unusual either, I think cheese and marmalade is fine
  10. Swan Red


    You may think it counters that narrative, me not so much
  11. Always liked Kahnee send him pictures of the cats and then be respectful of his leaving this b******s behind
  12. I reckon add at least a fiver for every patriotic lean on your marketing and start at 30 fleece those f***ers
  13. you're deffo not spamming but what it's costing you to put together is particularly important here. personally I reckon you should find a slogan or pitch that appeals to those with enough money and fleece those motherf***ers dry
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