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  1. Yep, which is why the one being charged isn't the officer that fired the shots that killed her, rather he is being discharged because shots he fired went into another apartment hence the endagerment.
  2. Swan Red

    The cricket

    Yeah it's one of those where it's really hard to know where a team stands before the 2nd innings powerplay is done
  3. Swan Red

    The cricket

    Archer going nuts 4 consecutive 6's two out of the ground from the final over including two no balls 27 from 8
  4. Cam Newton as lowest paid starting QB in the league had another decent game.
  5. Overall probably not, in specific areas like immigration detention there's probably more overt cruelty such as kids in cages and family separation but mainly he's just saying the quiet bit out loud, when you factor in Reagan's sponsorship of the contra's and management of the AIDS/HIV crisis I don't know that the Trump administration has caused more harm.
  6. Nuggets Lakers game 1, took an old man nap after dinner and I'm awake now.
  7. The one thing to count on regarding Republicans rebelling is that they won't
  8. Russia's interference in the 2016 election has had more impact on the Democratic Parties refusal to learn lessons from 2016 than it had on the actual outcome of 2016. That's the kind of distraction I'm talking about.
  9. Sure they can but one of these things can be easily qualified and one of these things can't and is largely used as a distraction for the other. Quantified even.
  10. Will we ever stop blaming Russians for Americans being d****eads.
  11. Swan Red


    Yes! But also if there are those breaking the rules then blaming them irrespective of whether their behaviour resulted in any increase in transmission deflects from the inadequacy of the rules while giving you cover to change them.
  12. Swan Red


    That's not what I am saying and in addition to (un?)intentionally misreading my post that you have no response to the actual timeline and so ignore it says as much as your actual response. I get it you're having a tough time and you want someone to blame and nothing I am going to say is going to alter that. That's okay but it doesn't make it so.
  13. Swan Red


    Oh that Sun Ra looks up my street, I was actually in a record shop in Dublin yesterday as I spent time with friends in Dublin for the last time in the foreseeable. Made it worth my while in any case
  14. Swan Red


    I'm not avoiding it I've explained why I don't think it's helpful in general, rather than discussing a binary of responsible or irresponsible behaviours are more or less responsible. What we are specifically discussing here is whether the trip was responsible for a spike in Covid detections. Given that the incubation period is 5-6 days and pre-symptomatic transmission possible 1-3 days before that it is not plausible that this trip which only returned on Sunday could be responsible for a spike detectable by the Wednesday. Even assuming that everyone on the trip subsequently returns positi
  15. Swan Red


    I went nuts Nerija Blume Moses Boyd Dark Matter Beautiful Black and white vinyl double with a flag. Zara McFarlane Songs Of An Unknown Tongue Kamaal Williams The Return Collucutor Instead 18 Artists Untitled Ambrose Akinmusire on the tender spot of every calloused moment Kinda heavy on new(ish) London centric jazz but f*** me worth every penny, lovely lovely stuff.
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