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  1. Yep bought it and their back catalogue
  2. Swan Red


    lol certainly not, once bitten twice shy an all that
  3. Swan Red


    s*** got real in Ireland like, this puts me in a weird spot but I guess I'm going to have to ride this out.
  4. okay we're at the people not liking people who like different things than them stage of social isolation
  5. Swan Red


    Sending a big virtual hug and I promise not to try and meet you again.
  6. Swan Red


    Yeah sammy thoughts with you and the family mate mind yourselves and everything crossed for your dad.
  7. Swan Red


    Which also means we can't, I'd also wonder why the length of time it is taking for people diagnosed weeks ago, I would expect the late recovery % to be less than the early recovery % because obviously.
  8. Swan Red


    which if the case means we can't determine a mortality rate before the do one or the other.
  9. Swan Red


    I'm being thick probably but what about the cases where the people didn't recover or die?
  10. Swan Red


    This is what happens when lots of actually essential workers health workers retail workers cleaning staff etc can't afford to live close to work and have to ship themselves in on the daily. It's still a crisis inherent in capitalism's structure
  11. Don't ever change Macca
  12. This did make me laugh
  13. Swan Red


    These are extremely unusual times but the stigma involved in claiming entitlements you are due needs to be stomped on.
  14. Swan Red


    I'm sorry you are in the spot you are in but I just wanted to make clear you shouldn't be embarrassed by claiming UC either, this is an entitlement you have earned and are due. Good luck with it.
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