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  1. Swan Red


    I'd prefer if he died tbh
  2. I started using this fellas recipies cos he does them in a restaurant style that you can cook at home which means they are more like the curries you get when you're out. Latifs inspired Also found using the pressure cooker makes the meat incredibly tender but can make the gravy a bit thin. He has a recipe for a basic sauce which you can make thicker and add after the meat has done cooking.
  3. You do get to remind her of this in future so all is not lost.
  4. It's proper lovely that
  5. Things that can't be triangulated, statues of slave traders being pulled down and calls to move funding from the police to social care Things that can be triangulated lifting restrictions in a pandemic without the means to prevent excess deaths
  6. Anyone seen macca on FB or twitter recently?
  7. Where do people think this space is between morality and politics?
  8. Got my haircut today and after being told they weren't able to do beards they were able to do beards, anyone need an unboxed philips beard trimmer, spent a bit of time putting a hammock together and the sun's just come out.
  9. He f***ing kneeled suppose that was just a photo op. He even had the context of the toppling of the Colston statue and the move to remove Rhodes from Oxford. The most charitable interpretation is that he somehow failed to link these movements someone more cynical could suggest that he's scared to talk of race for fear of alienating this red wall he's trying to win back. Which is f***ing awful politics in any case.
  10. Williamson is f***ing awful at politics regardless of whether you consider him anti-semitic or not and if that's your litmus test there's really no point. US cops do not and have never needed help killing people and bringing it up is an error of judgement.
  11. Swan Red


    Awful Raj so sorry to hear.
  12. I might still be a bit pissed
  13. Ancaps aren't anarchists but that's the line the US libertarian is largely drawn towards and it's b******s
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