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  1. Or Grimaldo, from Benfica, an even more technical, polished option than Telles.
  2. Alex Telles, from Porto, to breathe some competition to Robertson
  3. I would literally give him two years to get adjusted to our system.
  4. I am on the bandwagon, let Klopp shape him.
  5. or before we mention Minamino.
  6. Just watched highlights of Sandro Tonali. Absolute no hesitation, this guy has it! It's like watching a young Xabi Alonso/Modric, at only 19 years of age. https://youtu.be/PxA7QulZBi8
  7. They played two full seasons together at Salzburg! (including a few months where all three, Sadio, Naby and Minamino were in the same team! )
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