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Leo No.8

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Interesting as this was touched on in the Kirkland thread the other day, that there was a great illustration of why Reina is a cut above all the keepers we've had in recent years in last night's game.


He'd had very little to do throughout the game, then to pull off that save at the end showed brilliant concentration. His ability to do just that has shone through numerous times since he came here, and that's why he broke our record for clean sheets last season.


There are a lot of very good shot stoppers around, not just in the top leagues but even down in the lower divisions, who have games where they have loads of saves to make and look like world-beaters every now and again.


What marks a genuine top class keeper though, is the ability to maintain concentration throughout the game behind a good defence and still make that one single save which makes the difference between winning and losing, and in this case a save that was to all intents and purposes worth a whopping £12m.


That's why Pepe is priceless to us, with our solid defence we need a keeper with the very highest level of concentration. It's what Dudek (much though he's loved), James and all the other goalkeepers we've had at our club over at least the last 10 years have lacked.


I hope he's in our goal for many years to come...

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