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  1. Thiago against England last season. Some of the skills on this lad, he’d add a lot to the midfield surely.
  2. Every time I’ve seen Werner play he looks a lot like this, really quick and knows where the net is but usually pretty average on the ball. He also mostly tends to play as a wide forward and he’s just not as good as mo and mane. I’ve never seen him play anywhere close to Bobby’s level as a creator/playmaker either. I can see why he’d rather be guaranteed to start at Chelsea than come to try and compete in our forward line.
  3. The Sheffield Utd fans sang that yesterday as well. Think it’s time the club really make it known what that chant means. Of course we’ll be chippy scousers again but the mancs knew full well what they were doing when they started that s***.
  4. So any time a full back attempting to block a cross gets any sort of deflection on the ball it makes offside irrelevant?
  5. https://youtu.be/Qy58kz7cuZo Keita on Tuesday
  6. https://youtu.be/EoHDAack0FA Nabys first game on loan
  7. 1. Liverpool 19 pts (9) 2. Chelsea 16 pts (9) 3. Tottenham 10 pts (9) 4. Everton 9 pts (7) 5. City 8 pts (8 ) 6. Utd 7 pts (7) 7. Arsenal 5 pts (7) 1. Chelsea 47 pts ( 17) 2. Arsenal 45 pts (18) 3. City 44 pts (17) 4. Spurs 43 pts (17) 5. Utd 41 pts (18) 6. Everton 35 pts (19) 7. Liverpool 30 pts (17) I saw these posted on rawk last night, the top
  8. I thought it was our fans calling them Manc b*****ds after their 'always the victims' s***. Could be wrong though.
  9. How is Jackson Martinez getting on at Porto? From what I've seen he's got the pace and threat in behind that benteke can lack. Probably be realistic and maybe cheaper than benteke
  10. There's no way i could support any other club. I wonder how many scouse reds would support everton?
  11. I know it doesn't mean much but a lot of mkhtarian's YouTube videos are really underwhelming. On the match compilation ones, like against Chelsea, he looks pretty average. Hopefully the scouts have got this one right.
  12. Since Sturridge has come in its changed to more of a 442/4411 though hasn't it. Rodgers has tinkered quite a lot throughout the season I think. Just got to hope the form when Sturridge and Suarez start together continues, the balance has looked better then.
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