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2019/20 Fixture List

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So the fixture list for next season gets published tomorrow.


According to the rules I'm pretty sure that we can't be drawn against any of last season's top 4 on the opening day and probably not Everton either.


So, as is traditional, we can wildly speculate about who we'll be playing first and whether or not we'll get screwed over during the festive season (although is there a break this year for it?).


I reckon we'll start against Bournemouth.

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the leak is clearly b******s

they never release the televised fixtures at the same time, they always just say Saturday 3pm

BT don't have rights to the 5:30 Saturday games anymore


And Wolves and Villa won't play at home on the same day.


There will be televised boxing day games on Sky or Bt this season, all the games will be available on Amazon


If it's anything like their tennis coverage the picture will be crap and it will be delayed. 

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Villa Sunday and Wolves Monday according to the supposed leak


Well yeah, but they never announce the TV fixtures when the fixtures come out and Villa and Wolves won't play at home in the same set of fixtures all season cos they'll be paired like us and Everton are.


I can knock a list up that literally has more chance of being true in 30 seconds. So here's one.


Tottenham v Southampton

Crystal Palace v Newcastle

Aston Villa v Arsenal

Everton v Sheffield United

Norwich v Manchester City

Manchester United v Burnley

Chelsea v Bournemouth

Brighton v Liverpool

Leicester v Watford

West Ham v Wolves


Gonna put it on twitter and claim it's a leak. 

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It might even be the top 6 actually. This is from before last season:




I'm sure I saw a BBC article from a season or so back that explained the same. I'll try and find it.


Can't find a BBC article but here's one from the Independent: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/premier-league-fixtures-man-utd-arsenal-liverpool-chelsea-man-city-tottenham-a8398136.html


Looks like there was a similar article by the Express but f*** them.

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