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  1. The Shire golf club in Barnet just perked up...
  2. Funny we see different things. I thought he was inneffectual and laboured. I know VvD was at fault for their second but iirc, at the point of them getting the ball in midfield, Naby just stands there. No movement, no chasing, nothing.
  3. Keita is a liability. He was awful with Gini just a bit better. Trent looked unfit and did miss preseason. Need Fab to stay in plus a creative body in there too. Anybody know any CL winning players who plays midfield who is keen to join?
  4. If so, John Henry's open letter just go longer but our Spreadsheet Cup win will be celebrated fully.
  5. s*** leadership if you can't buy when you are the top in a tough market when others below can. Ultimately the FSG model needs us to be close but not successful as success costs. Apologists enable them to continue kidding us.
  6. Given the leaking of the further congested fixtures next for season the need for more good players increases in my view. All will play often and the last thing we need is a drop off because Gruijic, Wilson, Shaq were deemed as suitable midfield cover.
  7. I understand this but you make it sound like we operate in a vacuum and the same issues don't impact on our rivals. I don't want to dampen our successes I want us to build on it and keep these great feelings. Unfortunately, nothing stays the same and for once we are the top club and need to act like it.
  8. I get we have no match day income and we rely on that and as such it has impacted us and for a period we cannot quantify, as it does for others but: - for the past two plus years we have had press release after press release lauding our commercial deals and partnerships and their value. - I've no doubt main sponsors and others have clauses payingvus success bonuses and we will be getting a bigger chunk of TV revenues. - we've just fought a ourt case to get get Nike on board and for no Ther reason than it benefits us commercially. If, given the above, we can't but
  9. Thanks, Tommo, had heard Clinton Morrison's thoughts the other night and also Joleon Lescott gave us some advice so this feels like we are getting lots of help.
  10. Keita, Ox and Origi all look as though they don't know what football is. Of the three, Keita is at least trying to do something. The other two are passengers.
  11. The echo chamber says its €35 million. My fave bit of this is that each person who repeats it does so in belief they are the first to do so and not one ever questions where the info started.
  12. MarkD


    The 5 stages of grief: Stage 1 - LiVARpool Stage 2 - Tainted title Stage 3 - Null and void Stage 4 - * Stage 5 - NoBoDY cArEs ANyWaY
  13. Neco thinking about Trent - 'he's a once in a lifetime player - is similar to when Tony Bennett was asked about Frank Sinatra :" Frank is a once in a lifetime singer but why the hell is he in my lifetime! "
  14. i honestly believe we will batter these. Our performance was not what we wanted on Sunday, City getting lauded and proclaimed as easy champions for next seasons, Mo and Robbo back. Boys will want to make a show. No Lovren and off we pop.
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