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  1. MarkD


    Sorry to hear that, Dan. Best to his and your families.
  2. MarkD


    Hope she is OK and take care of yourselves.
  3. Jacques Dutronc self titled album. Not a second wasted on this album.
  4. MarkD


    You spying on my missus? Some nights I can't get 'The Len Ganley Stance' out of my head when she putting the white, cotton gloves on!
  5. MarkD


    The devil take the hindmost
  6. MarkD

    Apocalypse Playlist

    Desolation Row Subterranean Homesick Blues
  7. Lalo Schiffrin - Dirty Harry. Managed to buy this early 90s on viynl when it seemed almost tinlossoble to get. Love it so much.
  8. MarkD

    Apocalypse Playlist

    Survivalism - Nine inch Nails Sign o The Times - Prince
  9. MarkD


    Rather Keri Russell did the delivery if I'm honest.
  10. Sun is out, all the windows in the flat open, and the record player is happily playing: Fred Wesley and The Horny Horns - A blow for me, A toot to you. Niiice
  11. Prepared dinner for wife and son whilst happily listening to vinyl version of: 16 Lovers Lane - The Go Betweens
  12. AC/DC Big Audio Dynamote Clash Drive by Truckers Echo and the Bunnymen Flaming Lips Go Betweens Handsome Family Iron and Wine Jayhawks Kiss Lemonheads Mighty Wah Nick Cave Orange Juice Police Queens of the Stone Age R. E. M (Elliot) Smith The The Underworld Verve Wilco XTC (Dwight) Yoakam
  13. MarkD


    So sorry to hear that Sammy. Really hope he pulls through and take care of yourself and mum.
  14. MarkD


    A bit late with some of the recent parish notices. Congratulations, Hass Muley, take care and best to both of you. Everyone else, stay well.
  15. MarkD


    Agreed, for my sanity plus the fact I live in a flat with my 10 year old son who is a puppy in human skin.
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