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  1. Thanks, Tommo, had heard Clinton Morrison's thoughts the other night and also Joleon Lescott gave us some advice so this feels like we are getting lots of help.
  2. Keita, Ox and Origi all look as though they don't know what football is. Of the three, Keita is at least trying to do something. The other two are passengers.
  3. The echo chamber says its €35 million. My fave bit of this is that each person who repeats it does so in belief they are the first to do so and not one ever questions where the info started.
  4. MarkD


    The 5 stages of grief: Stage 1 - LiVARpool Stage 2 - Tainted title Stage 3 - Null and void Stage 4 - * Stage 5 - NoBoDY cArEs ANyWaY
  5. Neco thinking about Trent - 'he's a once in a lifetime player - is similar to when Tony Bennett was asked about Frank Sinatra :" Frank is a once in a lifetime singer but why the hell is he in my lifetime! "
  6. i honestly believe we will batter these. Our performance was not what we wanted on Sunday, City getting lauded and proclaimed as easy champions for next seasons, Mo and Robbo back. Boys will want to make a show. No Lovren and off we pop.
  7. I don't rate him at all as agree re Spurs, but a nagging part of me thinks us allowing Wilson to stay ties to this.
  8. I don't know Melissa Reddy, never met and have no axe to grind per se but does she do journalism or just parrot what she is told? Whilst she could well be right, the numbers she is quoting seem questionable at least given the player, the 'current climate', and the leap in current to projected pay.
  9. MarkD


    I'm hoping for a tabs and league table from Shoot!
  10. Trump's greatest feat since getting into the White House has been neuter the processes (courts, secret service, key offices of state) and voices (media, his own party, the two houses) that would be need to remove him. This pandemic is a timely godsend and will be the reason he gives when changes legislation to ensure a victory. Whilst the adage claims 'all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing', I dont see any good men never mind what they might or might not do.
  11. Yes and definitely yes. Hope that helps.
  12. I love us and hate football other than us. Not just clubs but the bulls***, greed, d****eads who use their limited knoweldge of the game to try and be involved and bantz. I miss us playing and getting our trophy and the friendships watching us I have.
  13. MarkD


    Once announced, just to add to our popularity, we could demand a Thursday night 'Clap for Carers' become 'Clap for Champions'. I'm sure the nation will support us on this.
  14. MarkD


    Was watching too, Sterling's wobbly at then was hilarious. Like my 10 year old when I stop playing whenever I'm ahead (not often) and claim victory.
  15. MarkD

    The cricket

    Ah, Gary Ballance, what could have been... Said nobody.
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