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  1. I toyed with buying the Steve McQueen picture disc today but I decided that what sony have done with the sleeve looks quite s***.
  2. NeilJ


    deleted as on second thoughts I don't want to add to the gloom and people can find this stuff easily for themselves
  3. His handling is a bit suspect, if stories are to be believed.
  4. Isn't Glasgow the second city of empire? A choice of one of those teams would have been more fun.
  5. Wasn't there an offside in the move leading to the corner?
  6. I enjoyed Curtis trying really hard to look cool after his great penalty, struggling to stop a smile breaking out.
  7. I think there's some oranges and apples in that list. https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3497
  8. Is this Howzat by Sherbet? Impressive.
  9. NeilJ


    I don't know all the details tbh and I'm cautious about stigmatising individuals, but I think the story was that he broke a post-holiday quarantine at the time he went on the pub crawl, so a bit more to it than just 'he visited a few pubs '
  10. Ah, right. If it's untrue then you'd have thought Evra would know that, the fool.
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