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  1. Right, so supporter disquiet can influence future club decisions. But I thought your point was less about the futility of complaining about kits, in terms of practically changing anything, and more about how childish it was. (You said you couldn't understand why adults cared.) I was responding to that, not to the (un)likelihood of someone getting sacked over a kit design.
  2. Well nothing, obviously, but I don't think that invalidates my point. What do you do if the club signs a striker for £35million and he turns out to be a cart horse?
  3. Caring about what your team's kit looks like is no less weird as an adult than having a "your team" in the first place, really. I mean, they all wear different colours because of what someone decided 130 years ago, and they have a little badge on with a picture of a bird or a cartoon devil or something. As Hank said to Larry, "Don't start pulling on that thread or our whole world will unravel ".
  4. Mass vaccination will take a long time even if it comes to market within months. They've a big enough job doing the seasonal flu vaccine for limited numbers of at-risk people.
  5. It has to be 3 words, doesn't it. The Beanz Meanz Heinz rule.
  6. Yes, and I think we'd be right not to. There's at least 5 of our players who could justifiably say "well we want the same or more, or we're off".
  7. What is #TellUsNever supposed to mean? Oh I see, it's like "tell us something can't be done and we'll do it" I'm too old to care about all this
  8. Roy Hodgson has described "this period" (i.e. playing some professional football games) as "a necessary evil that (Palace) have had to go through".
  9. Passion and love and sex and money Violence, religion, injustice and death Minamino, Minamino, oh oh oh
  10. I've been listening to the Top Flight Time Machine podcast and although I don't know the full back story, they use "Lampard" and "to Lampard" to describe spoilt and entitled behaviour.
  11. We won the title 2 games earlier than anyone else had ever done, which puts us in that category.
  12. Is this a Dickens characters XI?
  13. Sakho had attempted a cruyff turn on the halfway line about 10 minutes earlier, and got away with it.
  14. NeilJ


    I was quite impressed with Souness's acting
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