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Liverpool v Aston Villa (Kick off 5.30pm)

Rory Fitzgerald

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If Sturridge is out for this one, I'd tend to keep the same shape and play 2 upfront with Lambert coming in.


I'd also bring in Coutinho instead of Allen given the amount of possession we are likely to have.




Manquillo Lovren Sakho Moreno








Lambert Balotelli


Villa have played the same team in their opening 3 games in a 4-3-3 formation which looks something like this




Hutton Senderos Vlaar Cissokho


Richardson Westwood Delph


N'Zogbia Agbonlahor Weimann




  • In terms of getting at Villa, I think it makes sense to target Hutton and Senderos rather than going after Vlaar & Cissokho. Senderos was pitiful for Fulham last year and one of the worst defenders in the league, we need to be getting at him as much as possible.
  • Whilst Villa are fairly industrious right across the team, their left side probably has that bit more with Delph & Weimann who really put in a shift. Getting the ball to our left/their right, we can get Coutinho on the ball with Moreno getting ahead of him and giving N'Zogbia a decision to track him. If he is not up for it all the time, it gives Hutton a question to answer and perhaps open some space beside Senderos. If we have Lambert up there as well, it gives Vlaar a problem too in terms of covering Senderos if he gets done.
  • We'll have plenty of the ball in this, I dont think 2 wingers in Markovic and Sterling is the best way of breaking these down. Get Sterling central, Coutinho deeper with a full view of the pitch and 2 strikers up against their center backs and cause them problems, especially trying to get Balotelli on Senderos and have Lambert occupy Vlaar.
  • In terms of defending, we just need to be conscious of them working the channels. Last year they had Benteke to hit and they certainly hit him but this year it will be feeding the ball Agbonlahor and seeing if he can us his pace and hit the space behind us. Weimann and NZogbia will look to get up and support him on the breaks. If we get men behind the ball, we need to tuck in and cut down on the space between the defenders for the runners to break through. Leaving the space wide is the lesser risk as Villa arent hitting too many crosses and wont want to be targetting any of their front 3 on a regular basis against the likes of Lovren and Sakho.


They've gone 2 up in the last two visits and come away with 4 points. Lambert's done his homework, if the team above is not his team then perhaps he thinks he has a particular set up suited to exploiting us again, so the set up and team is something to immediately look for to see if he backs his team that has them in 3rd now or if he is tailoring his team/plan to this specific game.

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---------------- Mignolet ---------------

Manquilo Skrtel* Lovren Moreno

---------------- Gerrard --------------

--- Henderson ----- Coutinho ---

--- Raheem - Mario - Lallana ---


Subs: Jones, Sakho, Jose, Lazer, Allen, Lambert, Can


*If Skrtels fit

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I think we'll go :

















Coutinho plays in South America on Wednesday night so I don't think he'll get near the starting 11.

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Coutinho plays in South America on Wednesday night so I don't think he'll get near the starting 11.


I think they play in the States tonight. Had considered that and I think a flight from New Jersey after a Tuesday game for a Saturday evening kick off is do-able given what Suarez did. Whether he is selected or not is another matter, but I dont think travel will be the deciding factor.


Thats the alternative front 3 if he is shifting from the diamond with someone like Lallana from the bench to come in.

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Not beaten these at Anfield under Rodgers.


Benteke was a big factor in those wins, scored 3 of their 5 goals. Do you remember at the start of the game last season, they clipped a ball into him, he flicked it on and Agbonlahor was dead central and poked it wide of Mignolet, I think it was only 2mins in. They knocked on the door again with Westwood having a free volley from the middle of box and fired straight at Mignolet.


Jesus, Villa have scored 5 in 2 games at Anfield and were rubbish in both those seasons. That has to change.

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was Stevie's first game 'holding' wasn't it?


some people writing him off 30 mins into the match etc


It was the game after Stoke away when Sturridge had just come back so we started with him and Suarez but also wanted to have Coutinho & Sterling. It left us with Henderson and Gerrard in midfield.


The full backs were also in buoyant mood that day which Villa looked to exploit. Cissokho went pressing the ball in their half ahead of Coutinho for the 2nd goal when they crossed from our left back position.


I think we got carried away that day.

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First game holding was Stoke the week before

God knows what our midfield was meant to be doing against Villa




And letting their midfield/forwards run at our back 4.


TAW that week made me laugh. DH's "I saw the team and I punched the air" struck me as a sense check Brenno should introduce into his team selection. Text it to DH. If he's punching the air, change it

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