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  1. I would play the following; ------------------ Adrian ---------------- Williams - Gomez - Philips - Milner -- Lallana -- Jones -- Chirivella -- Minamino - Firmino - Origi Subs: Kelleher, Hoever, Brewster, Elliot, Henderson, Salah, Van Den Berg
  2. Twitter awash with Fekir rumours again
  3. Start at home to Sheffield Utd
  4. Origi has the beating of this defence, some self belief and he could be a real threat 2nd half. Shaq has been terrible but the options on the bench to replace are very light. We also need to make our set pieces count more
  5. Or coming from 2-0 down to win and adding to that unbeatable narrative
  6. In terms of preference I’d want to face Porto Ajax Man Utd Spurs Barca Man City Juve
  7. Coutinho is a better player for me
  8. He was but he’s one of our 3 possible goal scorers. I thought Fabinho was the change to make especially after his booking.
  9. lfc003

    Welcome VvD

    He's exceptional but also think you're doing Matip a disservice there, He's been very good as well.
  10. He's playing really well at the minute
  11. Lallana hasn't contributed an assist or goal for two years, it was a piss poor decision to replace one of our only possible goalscorers for him.
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