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The New Season - where's your money?



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  1. 1. In which position do you think Liverpool will finish the season?

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    • 5
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    • 7
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    • 10
    • 11-15
    • 16-20

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Right, some of us are all doom and gloom, some of us are all up, up and away, some of us are middle of the road.


Put your money where your mouth is, state something and put some cash behind it, funds can be sent to wherever you want, it can be LFC related, WC related, team to be relegated, transfer related, first team to score 6, first team to sack a manger etc. first player to bite Suarez....


My shout - we will score more than 75 league goals this season, £50 to the HJC if we don't and £50 if we do.


deadline for settling bets is one day after the WC final, all monies will be settled on the honour principle, i.e you are trusted to donate as you have specified.

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that's the spirit!!


Just sick of the will he won't he Suarez bulls***, stick a fiver on him going to wherever, I'm sure you can get what I'm doing here - feeding of the frenzy of stupidity for a good cause!

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I've got us to get more than 65 points for the season.


Purely for my own personal gain - I don't understand these 'for the HJC' type bets. Just give em some f'cking money if you want. If you don;t want to, then don't.

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As it stands, I think we'll finish 7th.


Might change with further business before the 31st.

Wouldn't a poll on where we will finish be a better idea?


I think 5th.


This assumes that we keep Suarez for the season.

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