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  2. Kop_on

    EU Referendum

    If that is the case, they'd both be playing right into the Shinners hands.
  3. Kop_on

    EU Referendum

    I think it'll be SF-FF-SD, with John McGuinness or Éamonn Ó Cuív as FF leader
  4. From memory, it was probably the 2nd biggest plan k in No campaign after the economic argument. I clearly remembering Cameron use the phrase "the only way to guarantee EU membership is to remain in the UK" I'll try drag some video footage out
  5. Kop_on

    Election 2019

    I think they know they've extracted as much from Brexit that they're likely to get. Also, was very telling how involved the likes of Eoin Ó Broin were involved in the campaign. Their ambitions south of the border means their power base is shifting southwards, & they don't want to be seen as a party of protest
  6. Kop_on

    Election 2019

    Not what I'm hearing. The message received on the doorsteps of get back to work was loud & clear, & expect movement soon to getting things up & running
  7. We're good enough now to play our own game & not worry too much about nullifying them. Fab-Gini-Ox in the middle, & go at their weakened central defence
  8. Kop_on

    Election 2019

    Here's hoping alright. I've read on Slugger O'Toole that Alliance are also in with a shout in South Antrim. Whilst I think there's a certain amount of wishful thinking from a former SF MLA here, I think the fact that its even being considered a possibility shows this could be a difficult election for DUP https://sluggerotoole.com/2019/11/01/election-battlegrounds-ge19-south-antrim/
  9. Kop_on

    Election 2019

    https://www.rte.ie/news/ulster/2019/1104/1088516-election-northern-ireland/ SF not standing in 3 constituencies in favour of SDLP (South Belfast), Alliance (East Belfast) & Independent Unionist (North Down)
  10. https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2019/1026/1085815-meath-wheelchair/ Hope all is ok, Rory? Also hope they throw the book at the lowlifes
  11. Kop_on

    EU Referendum

    We were never an empire, so its a lot more difficult to construct an argument for us to leave the EU to return to past imperial glories. Plus, whilst most people here would be sceptical about the direction the EU is going, membership is seen in an overwhelmingly positive light. Membership has brought us improved transport infrastructure, & allowed us to position ourselves as the gateway to Europe for big American companies. (Excluding Malta) we're about to go from the only English speaking country in the Euro to the only English speaking country in EU.
  12. That article was quite rightly ridiculed by SF. There are marginal constituencies where there's no guarantee a "Unity Remain" candidate would be returned, & to expect SF to resign all their seats is pie in the sky thinking. It also needs to be viewed in the context of O'Tooles absolute naked hatred towards them.
  13. Kop_on

    FSG Watch...

    If we're going all nostalgic, did Joey Joe Joe Jnr. Shabadoo ever post? I seem to remember him coming out of hiding once. I was on Koptalk, left when it got crap & ended up on here shortly afterwards. My friend was a mod on Koptalk, & went to college with Rory Fitz. Used to meet them for all the Ged era European games. Whatever happened Anny Rd.? He was a poster from the early days on here whose posts I used to enjoy
  14. Just a heads up if that's your plan. They didn't show the game in Shevchenko Park last year. There was a separate open air screening, & it was mostly Ukranians who were there. We were unsure of the differences between the 2 last year, & ended up going to the open air screening as my Da didn't have a ticket. Luckily we copped it quick enough, made it up to Shevchenko Park where the Liverpool fans were, & luckily got a ticket for my Da. There were TV screen at Shevchenko Park, but they were being used to display outgoing flight information
  15. I've been successful in this 3 times. 2006 (Barça-arsenal, 2007 & last year). That's out of about 7 or 8 applications. I don't think too many applied last year on account of it being in Kiev
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