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    Apart form loving Liverpool i love my wife, daughter and son very much and spend most my time with them.

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  1. quibs


    Should be classified as essential shop for most 😀
  2. quibs

    Looking after ourselves

    Sainsbury’s offering Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for elderly and NHS from 8-9am if that helps anyone.
  3. quibs


    I work for local authority in the Revenues section IT. Been chaos for our business rates team the last couple of days with queries for reliefs from businesses where as they’ve asked other teams to help with calls. As of today I’m allowed to work from home for the foreseeable future but other staff who can’t have to go into the office. I need to find something for self employed as my wife is a slimming world consultant whose groups are closed but she’ll have no income now. Is UC limited if my income is higher or a threshold for how much a couple earn before you’re not entitled to UC? Wife has also just developed bronchitis so now on antibiotics for it so she’s now classed as vulnerable group.
  4. Bobby will finally score at Anfield this season. The crucial winning goal.
  5. Those numbers by Mo are insane considering all the others on that list are strikers and he plays out wide.
  6. Team on Twitter. Alisson Alexander-Arnold Gomez van Dijk Robertson Fabinho Wijnaldum Oxlade-Chamberlain Mane Salah Firmino
  7. Thanks all, might just go to the Cramond Avenue one. Novotel city centre booked Friday night and stadium/museum for Saturday morning.The Lebanese food place looks good and walking distance so Friday night dinner sorted.
  8. Thanks for suggestions.. I’ll be driving up to Liverpool so will have transport to go where ever needed.
  9. Half term next week and thinking of bringing the kids to Liverpool Friday to do stadium and museum tours. 9 year old son has been Anfield before but my daughter 11 really wants to do the tour and see it. Wanting to know please areas to stay for the night and ideally halal places to eat close by. Oh and mosque if possible, where Salah and Mane go for Friday prayer Thanks.
  10. We should go all out and get Sancho in the summer. Loads more games next year and will play all the time when ACN is on. Its a no brainer.
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