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    Apart form loving Liverpool i love my wife, daughter and son very much and spend most my time with them.

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  1. quibs


    Makes sense, school holidays and just after xmas. 4 weeks seems long though.
  2. quibs


    This is also what gets me and pisses me off. Went to Turkey over half term for a week and genuinely felt safer there than over here. Everyone wore masks including outdoors not just in shops. Hate that people have them on down by their chin or not covering noses or think that because they have a mask they don’t need to social distance.
  3. quibs


    Same here in Leicester, we've been in 'lockdown' since March but tier 2 now means we can meet in gardens.
  4. quibs


    Are they doing specific areas i.e. Liverpool/Nottingham Tier 3 or blanket regions under Tier 3?
  5. quibs


    Paving way for a Tier 3 lockdown in the North West.
  6. quibs

    The cricket

    He went out at 50 but his team chased the highest ipl score in history 224 to win.
  7. Sell Origi as well and get Sarr in.
  8. quibs


    Email late yesterday from my daughters school, shes in year 8, all been told to isolate for 2 weeks. Doesn't specify exactly whether its a student or teacher that has tested positive. They all had their class bubbles so cant understand why they have told the whole of year 8 to isolate. Back to online schooling for the next 2 weeks of single lessons a day which is what they adopted, full lessons a day so less movement at school and classes.
  9. Hope you had a good one.
  10. quibs


    Complete incompetence again. Haven’t even announced from when the rules apply. We in Leicester have been waiting for things to open and it was down to certain politicians in Leicester to find out what is happening and tweet it.
  11. quibs


    Leicester.. what a feck up. Ease lockdown in the county but only from 24th. City another 2 weeks. Hancock says mayor hasn’t said anything yet mayor is saying we’ve given the info to government. Outskirts are all tories city are all labour. Certain hot spots but no way whole city should be lockdown.
  12. quibs


    How does the vat cut in hospitality help the paying customer? Cheaper goods?
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