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Stop the madness! We are 3 games in!


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so basically, at spurs we missed alonso and then at home to stoke, actually we didn't, and then again against villa we are not going to win the league because we sold alonso.


I just wanted to check.


You know, that its not a knee jerk.


The problem in football is not the rogue owners, or the mercenary players. Its the press with their hyperbole and the slightly less than intelligent fans who believe it all.


THere was a time that a table was not even published until 6 or 7 games in. THe facts are still the same; the title is not won OR lost in the first few weeks. Where were the mancs last season in the first few weeks?


These are essentially the same players we had last season. Are we really to believe that the whole team was built around 1 player?


are we really going by the 'luck of the ball' game tonight rather than the way we played against Stoke? Or even the first 20 minutes tonight?


Its bad enough the press drop down on us, its worse that owners are closet mancs (or something) but its the very bottom when so called liverpool supporters both in the ground and out give up on the team 3 games into the season.


This is a club than applauded Heskey, HESKEY when he came on.


Frankly, I hope we do finish 8th this season so we can rid our club of the crap owners, get out of the limelight of the press and rid ourselves of the plastics, who can then go and support man city or whoever else is flavour of the month.

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