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Rafa Tells Off Torres...


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I know that some of this has been mentioned in other threads but thought it was worth posting in full. Love the bit at the end.






Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has told Fernando Torres and the club's critics to stay quiet.


Irritated by the response given in the media to Sunday's defeat at Tottenham, a prickly Benitez also admitted his concern on Tuesday at the growing number of verbal spats Torres has become embroiled in with opposing defenders.


Benitez said: "I have told him that he has to stop this. He knows he has to improve this aspect of his game and that the way forward is to respond to any intimidation by scoring.


"Sometimes it is not easy to deal with everything opponents do but he knows he must deal with it in a different way.


"In his first season, he was really focused and I think he will be again now. He is a star now and defenders are really worried about him but that is part of his game these days."


According to The Independent, 'Benitez was irritated by suggestions that the loss of the departed Xabi Alonso was a principal factor in their shambolic first-half display at Tottenham. The time to make a fair judgement, he said, was when Alonso's replacement, Alberto Aquilani, regained fitness in the autumn.'


The newspaper claims his retort was focused on the comments of Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp who disparaged Benitez's team in the wake of their defeat at White Hart Lane.


"It is easy for these so-called experts to talk about the game when they don't see the training," Benitez responded. "Aquilani is a player of quality and any manager in Italy will talk about the passes he can give to Steven Gerrard. But it is easy for people to criticise on television; they have never managed a team that has lost a game - or won one."

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