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thoughts on the game..

floyd the barber

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had a feeling we would lose, we`ve been poor in pre-season plus wasnt confident regarding our 2 center backs and when i saw babel starting.. i was more worried! ;)


...skrtel hasnt played much going into this game....and Carra...well love him but he doesnt fill me with confidence anymore..


im actually not that dissapointed we lost...weird, but i have always thought we would take awhile to get going this season then find our stride come november....and no i dont think this will leave us with too much of a gap to make us, this title for me will go right down to the wire......


Did we miss alonso?? of course we did, his creativity was sorely lacking 2nd half...and it wasnt until benyoun came on that we would looked dangeous..


saying all the above....lucas had a decent game today, got stuck in well played some nice passes and was energetic....no hes not alonso, but i feel hes a far better player than he gets credit for...and given a consistent run in the side, he might suprise some people.


Gerrard did ok, dont really understand all the bad coments against him....maybe because we expect so much..



Babel well surely his time is up...yet another great chance for him today and he blew it....was awful and offered nothing!!


Reina was f`king fantastic...best keeper in england by a mile.


Insua and johnson i thought were both excellent....im very happy with them as our first choice full backs...thought kuyt and johnson especially had a great understanding...


But yes we do have some issues..


center back could be a real problem for us this season.....


Carra - doesnt seem the same player to me that he was a couple of seasons back, looks like hes put on some weight :unsure: is hooting it more than ive ever seen him do so before....only thing saving him right now is his passion..and of course being a local.....yet we all know hes first choice so whatever we say wont chance that, i just hope he finds the form of a couple of seasons back....dont think im being too harsh?!?!?!


Sktel - got banged up a bit today..hopefully nothing too serious...though he does seem to consistently pick up niggily injuries...great player when fit


agger - our most classy of the 3, yet most injury prone....becoming a bit of a worry this..cos hes potentially our best center back when fully fit



we definetly need a couple more players in the next couple of weeks.....our squad looks seriously thin, looking at our bench today scared me to bits..



anyway didnt think we were that bad today.........just a fine bit of tuning and all will be ok

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