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Does anyone think our squad is stronger now than it was at the end of the season?


I'm getting incredibly anxious about this season coming up. I was really optimistic at the end of last season. We were really clicking. We'd basically hammered the rest of the top four and all it appeared we had to do was to strengthen the squad and to figure out how to squeeze a few more points out of clubs we truthfully should have hammered.


But here we are, one week before the start of the season and I'm not optimistic at all.


-- We've lost a reliable fourth choice centre back while simultaneously we've had pretty significant injuries to our top three centre backs.


-- We've sold a reliable right back but have hopefully bought an upgrade in Glen Johnson. defensively suspect but hopefully a great balance with Kuyt.


-- We've sold a player who may be one of the most talented players to play for LFC in decades. He fit in perfectly and is essentially irreplacable.


-- His replacement in Aquilani is a player who may be incredibly talented, but is clearly injured a lot. His reliablity and potential influence in the upcoming season is dubious at best.


-- Getting a great attacking player to really make us much better and to torment and tear apart the likes of Burnley, Hull, Stoke and Sunderland had to have been a priority for us. We haven't got that player yet. Clearly that improvement would come from a player on the left, yet I see no prospect of that piece of the puzzle arriving.


-- Auerilio is brilliant. He's also a luxury because of his injury record. Insua will hopefully come to the forefront, but what is he gets injured?


-- Had Nando not been injured last year, I'm confident we would have won the title. We haven't bought a really promising youngster or a reliable veteran who would settle for less playing time. We have Ngog and Voronin who hardly inspire any kind of confidence.


-- Strangely, the situation with Stevie doesn't bother me as much as last year. Stevie is irreplaceable but Benni's improvement makes me a bit more confident if he gets injured.


I was really hoping that we were 1-2 top rate signings plus a few squad additions away from finally winning the title. I'm just not so sure right now...

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