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Man of the match - game 54


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* 25 Reina

* 17 Arbeloa

* 05 Agger

* 23 Carragher

* 22 Insua

* 21 Lucas

* 20 Mascherano (51 Alonso )

* 18 Kuyt

* 08 Gerrard

* 15 Benayoun (73 Ngog )

* 09 Torres (68 Babel )









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that olsson challenge on gerrard was a shoulder charge. no pen.



Indeed. Was shocked how many times Gerrard dove today. I hope it was just an off day for him and not that I usually wear more red-tinted glasses at games.


I can hardly moan about that diving b*****d Ronaldo if our own are f***ing doing it too.


Saw Torres, Gerrard and Masch all dive at one time or another today - and I f***ing hate diving and cheating more than anything else in the game. No need for it - and it should be stamped out.


I actually have a bit of sympathy for some divers now though - because of the stance by referees and the FA - if they see week in week out diving t***s like Drogba and Ronaldo getting advantage out of it - then why the f*** shouldn't they cash in too?


Still hate it though. The game is getting such that in the near future tackling will be outlawed. Thought that the yellow for Greening was harsh too - and he's a dirty manc b*****d too.

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Thought Gerrard was easily our best player today. Created a lot which wasnt taken advantage of by the other players and had a decent all round game. Doesnt trust Ngog as much as he does Torres though, he should have played a throughball to David when he was all free on the right! :D

Edit: Carra and Agger were boss too, but were let down by our fullbacks.

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