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  1. (mike) melia got in touch with me to share this very sad news about Vic. i enjoyed all manner of conversations with him in various states of sobriety and intoxication - online in this forum and in hotmail messenger chats; and in the flesh: dublin, london, amsterdam and liverpool - always in major cities, somehow. shocked and saddened by Vic's premature passing. i tip my hat to his intelligence, wit, generosity, warmth, compassion and capacity to consume copious amounts of 'mood enhancers'. travel well Vic. You'll never walk alone
  2. i'll be following north queensland fury and the progress of club captain robert bernard fowler. so far, played 2, lost 2 - but god did score a pen. widely tipped as this season's a-league whipping boys. does s***ness come any greater than bottom of the heap of australian football's (only) national league? ... and they are based in the magnificently-named townsville.
  3. credit to you for the way you're dealing with this... and for eschewing the vengeful 'five minutes in a room with this guy' approach, that some people equate with justice.
  4. your call ultimately. reason why i suggested expressing 'sympathy' or at least 'understanding' of his feelings is to demonstrate you're not being obstructive to the rights of a natural father because of personal issues you have with him - without condoning his outlook or past. by saying you and your missus are willing to do 'what you can' (loose term), but qualifying that with making clear the priority is her welfare, you might underline how rational you are, rather than making threats. that said, i've no idea of the culture that exists within the U.S. social services - but certainly any hint of instigating legal preceedings might count against you. i hope whatever you do succeeds.
  5. wouldn't put that in myself, zoob. it comes across as overly-dramatic and might weaken the impact of any description of the abuse that goes on and make it seem that your opposition is based on personal animosity towards the guy. i'd acknowledge sympathy for the father's feelings - being separated from his daughter - but feel that until he is able to overcome his inability to treat his own offspring with the humanity to which she is entitled, you see no choice but to put her emotional interests ahead of your legal obligation to uphold the terms of his access to her. i'd say you hope for both your s/d's sake and his there will come a time when he addresses his own emotional shortcomings so they can resume a healthy relationship, and you and the missus will do what you can to support him in that, but until then it's the little girl's physical and emotional welfare that supersedes your desire for the father to have access.
  6. if you 'need' the player and you pay the money, then - by definition - they are 'worth' the outlay.
  7. i like supergrass. always struck me as the kind of band that just gets on with making music and developing their style, devoid of any need to follow trends.
  8. his derby debut, when he came on for Gerrard was pretty remarkable, i thought. dictated the game for the 20 minutes or show he was on and was unlucky not to get the goal. he looked a real find. it may take a tweak of the tactics to accommodate him in a natural role, but i reckon Xabi's departure will herald a bit of a shift in the way we play, anyway.
  9. i'd like to think the silver lining of Alonso's departure might be the emergence of Lucas from Xabi's shadow and him asserting his own authority in the centre of midfield
  10. not often i agree (almost) entirely with you, but this time i do. except for kevin davies.
  11. christ. roll on the new season and 1st september.
  12. what, like a gag? ... oh, i see what you mean now.
  13. she is poison. the term 'annoying' only flatters her.
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