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Our front four


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Is as good as anything the league has to offer.


Of course, if a player comes around who is an Obvious improvement on those we can buy him but is there a need to replace one of them? Its tough to find a bunch of players who care for the club and these lot put their bodies on the line just because its Liverpool.


Rafa speaks about 'mentality' all the time and all one have to do is look at most of his buys to see what he's talking about.


If one forms a youtube video of Benayoun and imagine he's playing in Spain, he'd cost us like 12 million. Is Silva (for example) actually better than him? Some of Yossi's touches today were world class. Beardsley would have been proud of his run and left foot shot that Fabianski saved in the first half. And he still worked his b******s off harrasing their midfield off the ball.


I simply dont know where i'm going with this thread but all i want to say is that i trust Rafa in any decision that he makes and am 100% sure that he is the man to take us forward.


I cant imagine enough how amazing it is to find foreigners with no affinity to our club and have them playing the way they are. As someone said in another thread, Lions.

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