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  1. Of course it doesn’t you’re right, missing good chances could never have anything to do with losing because of conceding two late goals. And if we scored from a few of those shots blasted over the bar would Adrians error have been so costly?
  2. well I guess you really can’t afford to keep blasting shots over the bar and expect to ein
  3. What can you say, before the goal Wijnaldum had Salah and another to his right free and he decides to try to run and beat 3 defenders in the middle loses it and now we are out
  4. Or maybe we are just blasting it right at him the only real diving save was from The Ox
  5. It seems we can’t hit the target, too busy blasting it over the bar or straight at Oblak
  6. We’re playing well, they’re an annoying team but if we can get beyond their bulls*** and keep playing we’ll get through. We have had lots of joy in their box despite their famed defense
  7. Firmino is asleep, needs to wake the f*** it, for someone with a great touch he can barely control the ball atm
  8. Not that it means a lot but I’m sure you could find similar polls on Clinton in 2016.
  9. I’m not sure what you mean, Bernie hasn’t a prayer of beating Trump, socialism isn’t something that’s likely to catch on in America
  10. Farmer's Tan


    What looks to be happening with testing is there are not enough tests And because of that they are only testing people that are most likely infected, the rest of the population is considered ok until they have definitive signs even if the virus itself is running rampant
  11. Would be nice if we woke up, far too happy to lob long balls in behind, lazy and sloppy. We need to up the tempo and run them over
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