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Unacceptable Performance

Jim D

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Without question, today was an opportunity to take the three points comfortably. Boro were on a poor run of form, not won at home since October and not scored since January.


What we saw out there today, was collectively a group of players who played well below par, not one Liverpool player came out of today's game with any credit, might as well forego the Man of the Match thread.


The team and Rafa rightly deserve credit for their victory in the Bernabeu but on the other side of the coin they deserve all the criticism they will get after today's result.


That performance today was unacceptable and I can't believe it was a performance of a team who still had title aspirations. Many players were off their game, some dare I say lacked determination and bottle. Their was no hunger, it was much more about waiting for something to happen rather than making something happen.


Rafa is a brilliant tactician but does he have the ability as a manager to motivate his players? It is needed in this League along with the ability of taking your chances as they come along otherwise it comes back to haunt you. We spurned numerous chances but based on the effort the players displayed we didn't deserve anything from the game.


Rafa will keep his job, I'm sure, but he has got a HUGE summer coming up, he needs better and more attacking options in the final third of the pitch. Torres and Gerrard are the only genuine class attacking players we have the club for the marathon of a 38 game season.


What a horrible, horrible weekend, the title has gone and we've now slipped to third, the wheels have truly come off.

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