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  1. i think he wanted to score desperately so he could show his support with his shirt for Papa Bouba Diop
  2. if that manc c*** immediately went down after the touch by Andy then he might have had a point.
  3. This is Schuurs first season in the Eredivisie. He's been allright but very underperforming in Europe. Too many mistakes and cannot handle the higher level. He's an upgrade on Van den Berg though, but then again who isn't.
  4. And what a difference in goal compared to that clown Adrian.
  5. a patient of my wife tested positive for several months so a planned surgery couldnt go ahead.
  6. This Just get rid of offside by VAR. Let it decide by the linesmen.
  7. Sounds like they expect it to be an ACL though. They will have done some tests with his knee so I assume they will have an idea what it will be.
  8. Jones started out of sorts compared to the rest, but grew with game being played. At the end he was very good and confident.
  9. too many reports now from all sides
  10. the way his knee bent, I would surprised it it isnt his ACL
  11. Not anyone from the main 3 upfront. Firmino has to step up and probably more rotation with the others.
  12. Thats not an amount just for the bench. 3 days ago I was a bit down about our business so far. Now not anymore.
  13. my big question is if Thiago is able to cover the space which is left behind by our bombing full backs?
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