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  1. Lampard is a massive c***. Always has been, always will be.
  2. accidently pushed on the first page of this thread. then saw this post Had to smile 😀
  3. He needs competition for next season though.
  4. there's no point to Origi. Minamino needs to improve. We need competition for front three. Thought Gomez was good as well.
  5. Gerrardrules


    Congrats all. It's been a great journey. What a team, what a club, what a manager, what great fans.
  6. His comment about Asterisk and Asterix are absolutely legendary.
  7. Gerrardrules


    also to give organizers for events clarity. Signs are positive but not positive enough. Only at very beginning of recovery. Large, packed crowds will bring the virus back is the current view. I dont expect any football with crowds for a long time.
  8. Gerrardrules


    Kids until 12 years are being allowed back to school again in May. Government is saying that is safe as they contribute less than 1% of the people who get infected. Also they dont pass it on to adults so much so the pressure on NHS in Holland will not increase is the expectation. For events with larger crowds everything is suspended. Risk is too big for a new wave. Proffesion sporters are allowed to go training again albeit in small groups with distance. It feels we are slightly ahead of England with everything so I'm not expecting any football soon. But hopefully Germany will prove everyobe wrong.
  9. Gerrardrules


    No football at all. They have to end the season now.
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