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what the hell happened here? The emirates Cup?


Arsenal won 1 game & won the tournament with 9 points. Sevilla won both of their games & were 2nd on 9 points. Benfica lost both of theirs & got 2 points




I think one of the unofficial rules of that tournament is that, regardless of the results, Arsenal will win the trophy!

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You're as thick as Macca, as evidenced by your lack of recollection that I helped him once years ago and let him run with it from then :thumbs:


you said you helped him mess it up a few times


more importantly though, who's the big toady hater?

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He stated that he went to Villa because he couldn't face playing against Chelsea... So I assume he's not expecting them to gain promotion... Unless he is just staying one season


Hope Villa draw Chelsea in a cup

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Hahaha Courtois' penalty against Arsenal is hilarious


Morata misses his penalty too hahah


f*** knows what the thinking was there to let Courtois take the second penalty


It was the new ABBA penalty shootout format too

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